#LLCR130 – 82 days to go: Goals and the weekend

Lovely weekend of running with my wife and seeing my running buddies. First up was a local run for me and Susie – just around the block (3 miles) and it was a good one to see how we both measure up since we do it so often. (answer – quite well).

Taken with Lumia Selfie
Taken with Lumia Selfie

Then it was off to Maidstone for friends Michael and Monika’s leaving drinks. Michael runs  a bit and we have done a few ultras today and some social runs too. Hard to believe he is moving to Poland. I’m sure everyone will miss him. Good opportunity to catch up with some other running friends too – and to meet the wonderful Diana HM for the first time (outside of chit chat on Facebook). She’s being amazing – getting back to walking and running and being a super determined sort I am sure that she will get there.


On Sunday we were planning to chill out at home, but found that a friend of ours Paul was running a marathon. So we went down to the seaside where there was a marathon going on. One of Saxon, Viking, Norman races put on by Traviss and Rachel. Beforehand – bacon butties made by the amazing Karen Grieves. And brown sauce!

Neither of us were racing, but a friend was – Paul Commons. So we went down there to give him some support and wave at him and shout obscenities. We went for a 7 mile run and spotted him a few miles in and waved vigorously. We also spotted Andrew Burgess – who shows no sign of stopping after already having done over 100 marathons just recently. Me and Susie ran along to Reculver castle and then back and even had a chance to have a few photos – That’s Susie below doing her wavy hands thing! Then off for some food with Paul and Karen.


I have a few races coming up. One with lots of us – 12 Labours of Hercules which is 12 routes which add up to 78 miles (if you do all of them!) – that is in July.

The main target for me though is the Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race. This is in the final weekend of August – a bank holiday weekend thankfully – and is 130 miles.


Apparently the canal is only 127 miles long, but you add 3 canal miles through having to cross the canal at various points and also because you cannot run on the water so you get a bit of curvature!

So, this weekend when I was running the relatively flat seafront, I was mulling over the fact that LLCR is NOT flat…. and that 12 Labours of Hercules is some 17,000+ ft of ascent. I will have to do some fast recovery in between those two races.

My goals for LLCR130 are:

  1. To finish within cut-off
  2. To be lovely to my crew and volunteers
  3. To have fun
  4. To keep hydrated and fed
  5. To not get lost

Simple really. Isn’t it?

You’ll note that I haven’t mentioned a time. It is irrelevant to me – other than to finish within cut-off. I am not racing anyone else. I am not racing myself (I have never done this event before). I will probably be the last to finish. But I don’t care. Because the important thing is to finish and to be nice to my crew and volunteers.



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