Twelve weeks before Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race (130m) #LLCR

I sit here on the sofa on the weekend with 12 weeks to go before I run Liverpool to Leeds Canal race. It is the not so little sister to the iconic Grand Union Canal Race. 

I am watching some mountain racing (Mount Marathon race in Alaska) and getting inspired o do some more hill running. 

Hill running when I have a relatively flat race coming up? 

Yes. Hill running is a great way of building up to a race without putting in lots of speed training. And hills are just simply more fun. 

This morning I went out for a run with Susie around the block. Only a 3miler but that’s what we fancied today. 

For me, training isn’t about being Constrained by plans. I do what I like. If I run fast and it feels good then I run fast. (Fast for me is slow for most people!) 

Above all. Running is about having fun and eating cake. 

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