T-39: Food and running the coast

10818359_10153817685865656_2038878640485303054_oIt is hard to believe that it is only 39 days to go before we run the next section of the UK coast. We have 200+ miles ahead of us that will see us run from Hythe, Kent to Bournemouth in Dorset through 5 counties.

Lots of friends have asked me what we will eat on the way when we run the UK coast (why are runners so obsessed with food ? he he) The short answer is anything!


The slightly longer answer is anything, except for coleslaw and gels. I hate both of those. Also coleslaw is very messy! The long answer is we will start with a hearty breakfast – full English probably, and then take jelly babies/mars bars for snacks, and then stop for lunch and have some sandwiches/picnic type stuff – and ready salted crisps. We will then continually eat… and perhaps have some cake. Until the end of the day, when we will eat anything!

We are staying at YHA hostels most nights and they offer great three course meals for just over £10. Think lasagne/spag bol/pie etc  For more details – check out my video interview on “What we ate” from last year when I ran the 177 miles of the Kent Coast  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRSQrJCF9Jc

Looking back over the weekend, I ran with the local village running club, and with my wife along the River Medway between Tonbridge and Maidstone. Garmin track is here – https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1058356420 Lots of mud and was gently undulating – or flat. It was good training for the flat sections of the coast, and also for Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race that I am doing in August.

I also had chance to try out some of my new running tights. They are great because they just take the chill off, and are not too thick that I overheat. They are also great value too – about £10 delivered. Did you check out the Red Camoflage from the other day?



Looking ahead over this next week, I am running with friends along the South Coast as a bit of a social run for 40 miles from Eastbourne. Good opportunity to run with some others who like eating cake and running – often at the same time. I also have a Wednesday evening run with my club in London – Serpentine – which my wife has also joined. We will do the 7 mile 3 park route. I also need to write up an article for the club “Serpentimes” magazine on a London run route. I better get inspired – sharpish!

There is so much to organise on the coastal run for charity. We are holding a quiz night in Maidstone next month and I am also planning the sweepstake “predict how long we will run” competition. Plenty of ways we can do it – but I think I have come up with a winning way of doing it.

What are your big challenges for 2016?
What is your favourite food for running?

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