T-37: Running the Coast update

Yesterday was all about three runs, morning, noon and night. All short but two at gentle recovery pace (I.e. My ultra pace of approx 9:30 to 10min/mile) and a lunchtime 5 miler at 8something a mile.

I like the opportunity to mix up the pace and distance. It keeps me on my toes. Oh, and did I mention my funky pants?
During my morning and evening runcommutes I experience some pretty odd people who randomly meander across my path. I drew a little cartoon 🙂
I spoke to a couple of newspapers from areas I have a connection with to tell them about the next section of coast that we are running (Hythe, kent to Bournemouth) in just 37 days time. We are doing the 200 odd miles over 4 days.
I also spoke to a few people who will run bits of it with us. So thats really cool. I remember how great it was to have new and friendly faces to talk to along the route. Helps to think about thins in a different way especially if youre having a bad moment during the run.
At work, someone asked whether we are changing our clothes and shoes during each day. I said, no….. Apart from another layer perhaps or a jacket we tend to keep on what we start with on that particular morning. It’s best to keep the weight of our packs down to the minimum so that we dont lug unnecessary weight with us. To be clear, we will change clothes for the evening, once we have showered.
my wife Susie is planning to join us for a bit of the run too I think. She did part of it last year with us on the kent coast and that was before she really started running.
Still lots to do and to organise.
Tonight, I am running a 7 mile 3 parks run with my Serpentine Running Club in London.
til next time
Do you runcommute?
Do you follow a training plan or just run as you fancy?
Do you want to join us on the coast when we run the next bit?

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