T-36: Run the Coast – Blisters!

You head out on a run and you feel something in your shoe just isn’t quite right. You press on, thinking that it will be find. Before you know it you realise  a hot spot has developed and you know that it will turn into a blister.

That is exactly what happened to me last night on my club run with Serpentine. After a bit of investigation, I discovered a loose thread in my shoe that had somehow knotted up and rubbed me a blister.

bubble-wrapI headed out this morning, after I suffered walking around the house, and somehow convinced myself I would run my usual 4-5 mile runcommute. Don’t you find that running is sometimes easier than walking? Guess what? It didn’t happen. I managed a whole 1.3 miles! Yes….. shocking isn’t it? See the link here – https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1063516072

Normally of course, if this happens on a run, or a race, I just grin and bear it. But I have a 40 mile social run on the south downs this Saturday in two days time, that I really would prefer to enjoy. So, I took it easy and called it a short one. So, I am suffering from a blister and hopefully it will sort itself out over the next couple of days.

I have rather fallen behind with some of the preparation for running the coast. We still need to book a couple of hotels/B&Bs for the third and fourth nights, and do some planning about who will be where with which cars and what kit and food for us.

Great news is that more tickets have been sold for the charity quiz night to support RNLI – our charity of choice for our Run the Coast (200 miles over 4 days in April – before we carry on with the rest of the 5000 miles or so. Capture

I ended up having a really busy day at work, only just getting home around 11pm. So, that wasn’t great, but I was highly productive and got lots done. I suppose I should write a list for the rest of the planning that I need to do for this coastal run.

Please support our fundraising for Royal National Lifeboat Institution by sending a few pennies by clicking here – even 50p is fabulous. It will all add up.


How do you deal with blisters?

What is your shortest ever run recorded on GPS?











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