T-42: Video watching, more prep for running the coast, and almost lost my hat while running

It has been quite windy today, and cold. I don’t mind the cold, but can seriously lose the wind. Especially while running.
This isn’t a crap joke where I make some chortle about beans. It is serious… my cap blew off before I even started my runcommute this evening, and I had to keep tight hold when I ran over Vauxhall Bridge.
Anyway, bit more progress today.
Spotted a bargain hotel in Southampton for the end of our Day 3 of the new section of coast we are running. I checked out some videos on YouTube about the South West Coastal Path (630 miles!) which comes next after the Hythe to Southampton section of the coast (200+miles) that we are doing next, plus a video of a young woman doing a walk of the Isle of Wight (70miles) which we intend to do one weekend. I also discovered there is a lady, who in the late 80s ran 4000 miles around the coast. She seemed to have done it in a pair of Reeboks of the day. Good for her!!!!
if occurs to me that we could probably do with some waterproof maps of the coast, but at first glance it may be pricey if we have to buy OS maps because they are not “linear”. Wonder if Harveys do them? They do the national trails.
In other news, this weekend, on Sunday, I am running with the local village running club (Egerton) from Tonbridge to Maidstone. Which is involving a bit of a logistical challenge because we need to combine cars and trains and everything and everyone being in the right place. It is abit like the farmer, his wife and fox and chickens and a boat problem.
In case you haven’t gathered… I am running the coast in sections with friends. We ran Kent last year (177miles over 4 days). Next up is 200+ miles over 4 days between Hythe in Kent and Bournemouth.
if you enjoyed this meandering blog post, of if it is better than coronation street, then please consider a donation to RNLI (Lifeboats) at http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW

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