T-44: Running as a diversion from thinking about Run the Coast

Our office at times resembles an ultrarunning aid station. Biscuits, cakes, muffins, chocolate, jelly babies and often weird and wonderful foods from foreign lands.
While great for instant energy before a run, it isn’t so great for weak willed people like me when it comes to food.
Today, being Wednesday, was Serpentine club run. I met Susie as usual and headed to the club.
After some helping at the turnstiles – checking membership cards and showing new members where to go, we finally set off down to the start of the Three Parks run at Speakers corner.
The highlight of the week is that the roadworks have finished on the pavement. So that means it is the end of the constant road crossings that have blighted the run for a few weeks.
Anyway, what you need to know is that it was super wet tonight, Susie decided the pace, and it was fast tonight. That is right on the back of doing her first marathon.
It was great when we finished the 7 mile route because at the same time some of the beginners had finished their first ever two parks run. Wow…. Amazing!!! They have done so well.
As well as Run the UK Coast that I am doing, I have also entered the Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race. It is at the end of August and I am looking forward to heading up north with a friend of mine Lee who is also doing the race.
I need to find myself a crew and a pacer or two for the 130 mile race.
Lots going on and I have lots to prepare.
What do you have coming up?

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