Trail running

Mud up to my ankles. Tough uphill climbs. Brilliant scenery. Amazing camaraderie. Freezing cold day. Elation at the finish line.

It was no ordinary race for me. It was my first ever off road marathon(and a bit). I completed almost 27 miles at the enduralife event in Sussex in March.

A handful of the Egerton runners signed up for the mad cap event just for fun and to give ourselves a bit more of a challenge.

I would definitely do it again. In fact the trail running scene is just right up my street. No need for out and out speed, get to see the beautiful countryside, more calories burned for the race and in training. That of course adds up to more food and drink 🙂

Finished the race in 6 hours 41 minutes. Really pleased with it as it was a really hard gruelling race. Just to show how hard it was it is worth a comparison with my personal best marathon time of 3 hours and 50 minutes that I did the Edinburgh marathon in just the year before last.

Anyway. I have got very excited now about doing more off road running. And perhaps the odd few ultra marathons. The 24 hour 100 mile endurance races are really tempting as are the back to back ultras adding up to 60 or 90 miles or so over two or three days.

Any races you’d recommend? Thinking of starting running? Considering off road running? Drop me a comment.




  1. Trail running is the best! I will be running my first trail marathon on June 1st and I’m excited about it. I like hte slower pace and the absolute beauty you can ony find on the trails. Love the pictures. Love the mud!


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