42 days to go: parkrun day

Parkrun is great both as a dose of competition to pep up and motivate some harder running.

Always got my eyes shut 🤣

It is also enough of a prospect of discomfort to prompt a large case of FML!

I have been running well this last week and my clever watch has been telling me nice things about my running.

I figured that good things might happen this week at Ashford parkrun.

Arriving there with plenty of time I caught up with a fellow runner from our local club.

We lined up. It’s hard to know where to start in the pack. I don’t want to start too near the front and hold others up. I also don’t want to have to over take lots of runners.

I placed roughly where I thought I would finish in the field. The race briefing happened and then 3…2….1…. Go

I pressed start and immediately found that another runners was still stationary and fiddling with her watch and phone. I couldn’t dodge around as everyone was already passing me to the side.

Eventually I got underway. Catching up as I chased down the initial straight. Passing a lot of people jogging along.

I pushed the thought from my mind about why people and me find it so hard to get in the right position at parkrun.

Anyway. I felt good. I knew I had dropped some time at the start but felt able to catch it up a bit.

I ran through the first lap at 11:30. So I reckoned a good time beckoned.

The second mile was around the same time as the last time I was there two weeks ago.

The third lap. Jesus!!!!!!! Sufferfest.

Wonder if it is because of the heat or maybe just making excuses.

Finally over the line in 24:23

Not a fast one but decent enough. I want to get this below 23 and then back below 22 that I was doing 5 years ago. I need to fix that last mile where I really fade!

Recovered at home with bacon butties (on the bbq) (yes I do the toast too), and some gardening and rest.

To make sure I was doing my additional 2.5 mile run I went out with my wife Susie around the fields and trails locally. Nice easy jog at 10:59 a mile.

Usually bluebells here but not great today

What tips do you have for getting in the right position at the start of parkrun?

How do you find ways of cutting vital seconds from your parkrun time?

Let me know in the comments below.

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