Download Racecalc – pacing your race and checkpoints – including Ultras

When I was planning my race strategy for Autumn 100, in 2016, I set up a spreadsheet which would calculate for me when I would be at the various checkpoints based on my assumptions about pace during each section – (some of which was based on experience of recceing parts of the route, and the inevitable slow down during the dark hours).

I’m sharing the spreadsheet with you so you can edit it for your own purposes. I have included a screenshot below so you can see what you are getting yourself into.

All the pale yellow/beige bits (i.e. column 1 – 4, plus 7) can be edited. The other columns are automatically calculated. If you fuck around with those, then it won’t work as planned.


  1. Download RaceCalc.
  2. Read the instructions (and caveats).
  3. Have a play.
  4. Don’t blame me if your race doesn’t go to plan!

If you notice any gremlins – please let me know! All feedback appreciated. Unless you are being a bellend – in which case I will ignore you!


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