41 days left: where am I?

Can’t believe how quickly time is moving on. Just over a month until I do my canal race.

I’m glad i have been focusing on the passage of time. It would be so easy to fritter it away and miss the opportunities for training and taking steps in the right direction.

Today was around seven miles at nice easy effort. A local run on the trails with a friend of mine who is running grand Union canal race in three weeks time.

Image: wife behind me, followed by friend Bet

I felt really strong on the sections we ran. Largely between stiles, or gates as it was mostly trail.

I feel it has been a good week. My weight seems to be heading in the right direction. I am feeling strong.

I’ve been able to add extra running without impacting my schedule by doing 2.5 miles a day for at least five days.

And my watch tells me nice things. I think the extra miles suit me.

The key to things going well is doing something daily to get us closer to our prize. I’m going to be more consistent in doing my stretching and S&C work.

What are your daily fitness habits?

How do you build in stretching and S&C?

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