Day 19: Lierville – 9.2 miles today (122.8miles / 2,015 miles – London to Moscow)

Welcome to Lierville
Welcome to Lierville

I pressed on today. I was feeling a bit silly doing small daily mileage. So like a tired guy waking up on a weekend morning, I stretched out …. the mileage. What did I do? Cracked open a box with 9.2 miles on the top. Lovely. Nice to get close to double digits.

I had some porridge this morning – with the most delicious local honey. Porridge really is the perfect running fuel. I had an amazing tomato and roast pepper soup at lunchtime, and chicken breast. Garlic and herb. Yum yum. I love chicken. This evening I ate a lovely beef stroganoff. So full of paprika, it was almost like being in Hungary.

How am I getting on with the Pebble for tracking my runs? Great. In one word. It works perfectly. It vibrates on my wrist when the phone has picked up GPS signal (takes only a few seconds), and I can start, stop and pause the watch. Perfect. And as there is no chance of accidentally turning it off, it is beautifully failsafe too. I hate losing data – so this is important to me to have such a feature.

On the issue of runkeeper v’s strava – I have noticed that the way that they both process the input data from the aerotrackerpro app on my phone and pebble is different. On Runkeeper for the second half of my run :

Aerotrackerpro app showed – 49:12 minutes of running – 5.18 miles and average pace 9:29 minute miles.

Runkeeper showed – 48.45 minutes of running – 5.17 miles and average pace of 9:26 minute miles.

Strava showed – 47:47 minutes of running – 5.2 miles and average pace of 9:14 minute miles.

So, it would appear that Strava is *probably* using moving time – stripping out any stoppage (and indeed that is what is suggested on Strava – it states that it is “moving time”. That still leaves a minor discrepancy between Aerotrackerpro and Runkeeper. Why? Anyone know?

I’m prefering Strava for analysing my running stats (but I am aware that it is slightly flattering my pace). Not much.. but it is there. And enough to niggle me. I guess I can probably change it in the settings. I will explore.

So… there we go… a few miles closer to Paris and my eventual destination of Moscow.

Au revoir



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