Day 43 – 44 : Advancing on Brussels – or Where Would You Run?

Lovely day today for running. I started off early because I had a few things to do during the middle of the day. I am getting closer to Brussels – I only have a few miles to go – which I will cover off on Sunday.

Screenshot 2015-02-13 at 23.24.59

I tried out some interval training as a way of getting in some additional turbo boosted pace. I even covered a mile split in 7:09 minute mile. Super. I am really excited about getting to Brussels. It’s been quite some time since I have been there.

I am looking forward to trying out my new action cam soon. So expect some fish eye lens type shots 🙂 I have now covered 329.2 miles for 2015 so far.. so with 44 days gone (12% of the year) – I have covered around 16% of the mileage for this year.

As a reminder, I am heading to Moscow for Christmas and New Year, taking in some amazing cities and sights along the way.

If you could run somewhere, where would you go?

(obviously a virtual run but based on real mileage covered by my little running feet)


    1. I watched a documentary about the Great Walls – there were lots of them… apparently used for transport! Brussels is a lovely city – and I would go to Bruges if it weren’t for the feeling of going in the wrong direction.


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