Day 40 – 42: Already through Mons… or Do you talk to other runners? 315.2 miles completed

I have covered 21.6 miles over the last three days. Running through Mons and now on my way to Brussels – the Capital.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 at 20.51.55

Spotted a piece of modern art in Mons. I have really lucked out – it is City of Culture 2015!

Screenshot 2015-02-11 at 20.54.09This is a photo of a modern art installation in Rue de Nimy by Arne Quinze. It is called The Passenger. I was really excited to hear about the recreation of a London working mens club in Mons during the festival – but sadly I missed it because it is on next week.

I have now covered 315.2 miles this year so far. Excited about getting to Brussels next. I have great memories of that city. I got chatting to a fellow runner yesterday and he was commenting on my running jacket – offering that I would “get too hot in that”. I replied that I don’t get hot….. I run ultras and told him about the mileage I have already completed this year. He was pretty shocked!

Do you ever talk to other runners when you are training?

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