t-12 #runthecoast: Chilled out training run

t-12 #runthecoast: Chilled out training run

Notarunnergirl (my Wife Susie) joined me this morning for a run with Egerton Running Club. It was a local run of around 8 miles. Susie has recently got into running, and it is fab for me to spend even more time with her. Who knows…. maybe I will get her to crew me on Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

We headed off in the car for a short drive to a nearby village – Grafty Green. We had to move our start point because a chap didn’t like us parking close to his house. So, off we went and parked near the pub instead.


There were a good handful of us out today, and while some of the others chose to do a 10k route, me, Susie and one of the others (Alison) who is training for London Marathon, decided to do 8 miles instead. Alison carried on a little further at the end.


Susie was wearing particularly funky pants today. Aren’t they cool? Like a huge Tattoo!


Finished off at home with a lovely bacon butty with Brown Sauce. We planned to have avocado but I managed to butcher it and so it was impossible to deal with. I simply could not separate the flesh from the stone or the skin.

#runthecoast news – It is only 12 days before we run the coast. 200 miles from Hythe to Bournemouth. We are arranging with friends and other runners to join us for part of the run. So that’s really cool – it gives us a real boost to meet up with cheery people on the route. I am going to start getting my kit together for the run, and that means I have enough time to replace anything that I need to before the run. http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW



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