Day 3: Lovely run through Normandy Countryside near to Mauquency (London to Moscow) – 82.3 miles so far

Wow! The scenery has been awesome today, if not a little bit windy. Normandy is lovely. Not far away from the next village now. I covered 6.3 miles today. Slight niggle in my right ankle – but otherwise doing well. Rained quite a bit, so had to wear my Montane Minimus. Really looking forward to getting to Paris. Should be the end of next week.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I will be taking a look at the horseracing track – the Hippodrome – in a little village called Mauquency. It is a little farming village on the banks of a river.

Not many people around today. Countryside is empty – except for the odd few farmers haring around the roads in battered Renault vans.

Any tips for Mauquency?

Beautiful view of Normandy.
Beautiful view of Normandy.
Route today.
Route today.

{This is a virtual run. I run every day in London, and superimpose those miles onto a route from London to Moscow. I intend to reach Moscow by New Years Eve 2015}


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