#runthecoast t-15: Meeting Lifeboat people and 2 pre-work runs

Last night I got home to find the new trail shoes (for supersticky mud) and a rather scary foam roller I ordered. The shoes are More Mile Cheviot 3 – and are the latest in the series. I loved the cheviot 2 though found that while £/mile was fab, it was based on low prices but shoes that tended to develop a hole near the small toe after a couple of hundred miles. The upper material looks to be more “technical” while the sole is reassuringly similar to the previous release.


This morning I got up early and headed to London. I did a dovely run around the Thames and looped around to finish at Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

I met Matt, one of their enthusiastic staff. We had a coffee, a chat about running (he is training for his second marathon), and about the #runthecoast challenge that I am doing with friends along the coast in just over 2 weeks time.

We talked about meeting up with some of the crew at some of the lifeboat stations. That will be brilliant for us runners, because since we are running around the coast and RNLI save so many people around the coast.

Afterwards, I decided to run to work and covered another 3.5 miles. It was lovely going through the Park. On my way, I spotted a lifeboat station on the Thames. So I grabbed a quick selfie.


So a great 8 miles this morning (roughly!)


This evening, was a quiz night at the office……. it struck me that the refreshments we bought for our table are similar to what I eat on an ultra…. and pretty similar to what we will eat when we #runthecoast. See the similarity?


If you want to donate to support our fundraising efforts for RNLI then please give what you can at http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW

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