t-12b #runthecoast – The Route!

I have just spent a little while this afternoon playing around with the GPX route so that we maximise the miles that we run right along the coast and that I iron out any inaccuracies in my previously hastily thrown together route for the #runthecoast.

route.PNGSee some of the hilly spikes? The first of these is in Hastings, the second big one is just outside Eastbourne – Seven Sister, and the other bits around Southampton.

What I learned last year is that while everything looks marvellous on a map on the computer, there are sometimes bits of path closed off, or completely unnavigable on the ground. So, while the mileage says 213.2 miles it may indeed turn out to be more…. or  less!

The strava link is here – https://www.strava.com/routes/4192731



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