t-22: Muddy yesterday and three weeks til run the coast

I seem to be plagued with niggling problems lately. Dodgy ankles, flu, and the latest one (a wounded tongue!) which means that it is super hard to eat, drink and swallow. That of course means that when I did a race yesterday, I was pretty limited in the distance that I could run because:

1.       The conditions were super muddy – ankle deep mud for much of the course.

2.       It was super hilly.

3.       I found it really hard to eat and drink – so stuck with jelly babies which kind of slipped down without too much drama, oh…… and cake squares.

I bumped into Zoe and Liam in the car park, and then Sophie and some others just before the run started.


I managed to grind out a marathon distance in 5h55m – which while not pretty, is decent given the conditions and what I had to cope with. Brilliant medal, and super goody bag. My wife Susie cranked out over 17 miles too. Which is really great considering just how tough the course was. I think we both won the best funky pants competition!


One of the super amazing things about these events is the amazing medals and the super goody bag full of junk that runners really really want after they have run a long way. Check it out!




It is now only 22 days until the coastal run, and we have our amazing quiz night tomorrow night. This year I am not setting the questions (last year I set super hard ones!) and instead I am using another source. The only issue is that I am going to find it quite hard to read the questions out because of my super sore tongue. Last night I popped along to Harriers club night to meet a few friends, and also to sell some “Guess the Time” entries, plus some raffle tickets and quiz night tickets. That was quite amusing as I had to communicate using sign / written notes / croaky voice. Our thoughts are turning now to some of the super practical issues that we need to consider for our coastal run.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

If you would like to donate to support the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) then please go to www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW


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