t-24: Preparing for Mud

No running for me for the last few days since running 41 miles. But getting excited about running tomorrow. It is a 6 hour challenge event at Shorne Wood country park. As many laps as possible in that time.

Muddy – tick!

Hills – tick!

Running with my wife – tick!

What could be better?

Since the running tomorrow will be in pretty sloppy mud, I will be going for my Asics Fuji-Runnegade shoes. I have worn them before on several muddy runs, including Gatliff (which comes out at around 32 miles). And I wore them at an 8 hour challenge event a few weeks back – they are super grippy. For many people the shoes would be overkill, but I find that I slip badly like Bambi on ice when running in mud. So, I prefer to go for grip over anything else.

Tomorrow’s run I the Book Day Challenge – arranged by Saxon Viking Norman events – http://www.saxon-shore.com/book_day_challenge/ and I am looking forward to one of the biggest and most colourful medals ever. Check it out on the webpage, unless you can wait until the obligatory money shot tomorrow!

It will also be great preparation for running the next bit of the UK coast – 200+ miles between 1-4 April. Hopefully that will be somewhat less muddy, but there will be some hilly days – especially when we run on day 2 from Eastbourne over the Seven Sisters. I know what to expect having run that section a few weeks ago.

Please support my fundraising for Royal National Lifeboat Institution by donating here – http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW

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