t-21 til Run the Coast: Quiz night!

I’m still not able to talk very much (my tongue is really sore). But we did the quiz night tonight at Maidstone Harriers.

It all started off great. Me and Susie got there is plenty of time and the others – Sophie, David, Keith, Michael, Marek – all arrived almost instantaneously.

Only on unpacking did I realise that I had missed a crucial thing……. the quiz questions! Yikes! So, back in the car for a drive from Maidstone to Pluckley and back again. I made it only 15 minutes late.

Susie did an amazing job of being quiz mistress, and everyone had fun answering some super tough questions. (By the way, if you thought they were tough, you should have been there last year when I was the quiz master!)


The Harriers were brilliant. We all had great fun. No major incidents over spelling of answers or splitting hairs, and everyone was super generous and got involved with the raffle, guess the time we will take, and also with quiz entries. We raised £158 on the night itself, just in raffle, a handful of quiz entries and also guess the time it will take to run the coast.

We had a great photo of the guys doing the 200+ mile coastal run too. Brilliant stuff. Tomorrow, I am going on a 40 odd mile bike ride to Hertfordshire with a friend Andrew. I love cycling.

On 1 – 4 April, 5 Maidstone Harriers will run from Hythe in Kent, to Bournemouth. It is over 200 miles and we will stop in Eastbourne, Littlehampton and Southampton en-route. Please donate at http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW

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