t-20 Run the Coast – Avoiding falling in the canal while riding my bike….

Warning….. non-running post! Set off this morning from my little village, to meet a mate of mine in London. The plan was to ride to Hertfordshire from Tower Bridge. Engineering works meant that I added 4 miles cycle to the trip before we even started, but I arrived there, only 10 minutes later than planned.
Andrew acted as unofficial photographer for tourists who desperately wanted a picture of Tower Bridge at exactly the right jaunty angle in the background, with them in the foreground doing a bit of gurning.
So, off we went. Tower Bridge, Wapping, Shadwell basin, Up towards the Olympic park, Hackney Marshes, then along the Lee Valley canal. All the way to a stop off at the Lee Valley Watersports centre. You know, the one they built for the Olympics. Well, it was well used. Looks a lot of fun, but not for me, because I would drown. In fact we watched a few people fighting the water – luckily no one drowned today.
Anyway, with a few more miles we reached the pub in Hertfordshire. Lovely food, met Andrew’s brother and sister and had a chit chat about cycling, running, life, random incidents and food eaten (chicken and chips plus a couple of shandy). Really lovely people. A great family. 🙂
Then, the ride back, pretty much the same, except for odd occurrences……. A man with a plank……. A cyclist carrying a 10ft long pole in danger of pole vaulting at any moment, and various other slightly wacko things.
48 miles later, back in London, we sunk a couple of pints and had a good catch up.
Good to mix the training for the 200 mile coastal run with some non-running 🙂
Great news (for some)  is that my voice is coming back!
Between 1 – 4 April – I am running 200 miles along the coast between Hythe and Bournemouth with 4 friends and help from supporters. Please donate at Www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW if you are able to. Over £500 raised so far.


  1. Thank you so much Phil – really great day. You’re now at risk of being invited to all Parfitt family reunions. So many pleasant and memorable images of the day in my mind.


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