T-30 (Run the Coast), Serpies and RNLI

Still suffering a little from the flu that I had over the weekend. I did get in about 10 miles of running today, with my Serpentine club in London. Susie was there too – which means that I get to run with my wife too. Does life get any better?!

Got home and discovered a couple of packages from RNLI. Running Vests, T-shirts for the evening, and quiz materials and fundraising boxes and what everyone really wants……. a lifeboat sticker! We are holding a quiz on 11 March in Maidstone.

I also put together a time sweepstake for the run. That will be lots of fun and should raise some money for the Lifeboats too.

So a pretty cool day. Nice to be back running and looking forward to the weekend when I will run from Maidstone to London with some friends that we will run the coast with.



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