t-31 til Run the Coast: Beer and pants

No running for me today because I am still recovering from flu. But, a new pair of running pants have arrived!! Yay – they are black and acid yellow. Pretty cool I reckon. I am planning to be back running tomorrow – bit of runcommute plus running with the Serpentine club in London.

WP_20160301_19_40_58_Pro_LI (3)

Also been in touch with the RNLI – who we are raising money for by running the UK coast. Quiz materials and vests are on their way. And I will pop in for a cup of tea with them next week probably.

I also heard from Widnes parkrun, @widnesparkrun – who organise the parkrun in the town where I grew up, plus  a couple of others who are making their way around the UK coast too AndyPhilips @APCAFC plus Ruth Livingstone @RuthlessTweets in addition to Elise Downing @elisecdowning who is running the coast and currently in Wales.

At the moment, I am enjoying a lovely beer 🙂 From @romneybeer which is pretty cool since we will be running in that area in about a months time.


(please donate to http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW)




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