t-32: Run the Coast – and other big runs this year

As I am sat here recovering from flu, my mind is turning again to running. I have a few things coming up this year that are quite big for me.

  1. Running the coast pt2 – 200+ miles from Hythe to Portsmouth.
  2. Apocolypse 50 miles
  3. 12 Labour of Hercules up to 78 miles
  4. Autumn 100miles
  5. Liverpool – Leeds Canal Race (130 miles)
  6. Crewing my mate on Grand Union Canal Race (145 miles)
  7. 12 Ghosts of Pluckley (up to 80 miles)

I am sat on the couch watching various GUCR videos to try and pick up some tips from when I am looking after Michael at the end of May. Me and friend Paul will be sharing the crewing and pacing between the two of us. Our job will be to think of all the things he could possibly want (and then to forget one thing!!)

Which reminds me that I still need to find someone to crew me when I run Liverpool to Leeds. I wonder if I can find anyone who will put up with my tantrums.

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