Looks like we are almost there

Every few years something happens that is truly exciting, fun and filled with uncertainty.

We all do it.

It is stressful and amazing at the same time and completely changes our lives.

Moving house! We are moving to a small village called Pluckley.

It is really exciting and we are going to be moving very soon. We will be in our new house before Christmas. We have a really long list of all the things that we intend to do when we move to the new village and get used to village life. In some ways, we already do some of these things – as at the weekend we spend lots of time in the area. Of course, moving there will save lots of time and travelling, and being so close to the train station will be transformational!

I have been looking back at some of my old blog posts and found that we were interested in this village – but perhaps never knew it. I will assemble the blog posts here so that you can see part of the journey of realisation that we went through.

I am looking forward to meeting some of the local villagers and our neighbours and getting to know more about the village. Will you help me? Phil

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