What should we do in the first 30 days in Pluckley?

We are so excited about all the things that we might do in the first days that we are living in the village.

Here is the list – what can you recommend is top of the list?

1. Buy some plants for the garden
2. Hold a house warming party
3. Have a beer on the way back from work in the pub
4. Buy some coffee from Pivington Mill
5. Visit the market
6. Repaint the house
7. Buy a subaru impreza sportswagon
8. Have a cream tea in the church hall
9. Go to a Tuesday morning hello meeting
10.Go for a bike ride
11.Organise a run with the local runners
12.Have dinner at the Dering Arms
13.Meet all of our neighbours
14.Go to the classic car meet at the Dering arms
15.Visit the church
16.visit the shop for the sunday paper
17.find out about the local clubs and societies
18.go to a carol concert in the village
19.visit tenterden one saturday
20.have friends down to stay
21.have a dinner party
22.buy some meat from the local butchers
23.go for a walk in Dering woods
24.visit egerton village hall
25.go for a meal at the George Inn, Egerton
26.Organise the house and have it perfect
27.Set up a music room in the house
28.set up an office at home
29.go for a walk around Pluckley
30.go for a walk to Bethersden

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