The best kept secrets of Pluckley?

What are the best kept secrets in Pluckley – shops, walks, cycle routes etc?


We will be moving to Pluckley village very very soon. We are buying a lovely house on a lovely piece of land. We are intending to get to know everyone in the village and to really get into village life. I am sure there are plenty of exciting new things that we can experience, and that it will be the perfect move for us.


We enjoyed a lovely walk with a few geo-caches a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of mushrooms and funghi – here are some pictures i took. I love the colours. It will be lovely when we are able to do these walks from our doorstep!


We have enjoyed some great food in the pubs in the village. Mostly the Black Horse so far – great sunday dinner guys! We are looking forward to trying out the Dering Arms, and Elvey Farm. Heard great things about both of those.


I am busy planning out our move at the moment. Determined this will go like clockwork 🙂


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