47 days left: Double run – it’s a good day

Today was a good day. What’s a good day for you? I have a list of things that seem to be linked with having a good day and I like to try and tick off at least ten of those each day.

I went for a walk in the morning. It is a habit of mine that I started a while back. I go out whatever the weather and even if it is only to the local station and back. It doesn’t take long – but it connects me to the external world.

Part of my routine is that I run two and a half miles at some point between noon and 1pm. This is aside from anything on my training plan. I do it whatever takes my fancy, without looking at my watch, and just running to feel. Sometimes it will be faster or slower I guess.

I took a different route from yesterday – this time road rather than a mix of road/trail. I felt really good actually and found that I was bounding along at a reasonable 9:11 minute mile pace. Nothing too exerting – but felt good especially in the sun. It’s recharging.

I’m lucky to have a local club in the next village and there is something going on several nights a week. I joined for a trail run just over 5 miles in the evening. It’s a mixed group and I was grateful for the opportunity to rest at points, and to press on at other times. Average was 10:48 a mile – though that’s only moving time – there was alot of rest points too.

One of the issues I have been struggling with is my piriformis playing up which is affecting my sciatic nerve (super painful – and has caused issues on races). I am trying to manage that with stretching and some strength work – and this is something I am going to succeed in building into my routine. Plan is to habit stack it when i get back from my midday run.

Let’s see how that goes.

How do you find stretching best works for you? Do you do it before or after your run? Do you try and avoid it entirely (guilty here!)? Have you had any niggly injuries?

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