46 days left: Running harder

It was a good day. Walk in the morning – which even though short (less than 10 minutes) I enjoy as it connects me to the new day. I am always half asleep otherwise I would run (I don’t feel like running half a sleep into traffic on the country lanes). Walking on the other hand….. haha

I was able to do my 2.5 mile run at lunchtime (right after going to the village butcher for some great meat for the BBQ). I did my mixed route (route A) – up the road and back through the fields – at a fairly easy pace – 10:19 a mile. Felt nice. Good to be out in the middle of the day (was hoping for sun but it was grey).

In the evening I went out with some of the local runners. We have a group that goes out once a week but for a steady run – and it is usually hilly. This time it was just over 7 miles @ 9:32 a mile. The hills I am struggling a little with because it niggles my piriformis – so while I was able to deal with smaller / shallower / shorter hills, the couple of longer / steeper ones I had to hike up. Good practice I guess (I seem to have got slow at walking in general).

Finished off with a BBQ and a beer in the garden.

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