5 Mysteries of running and jogging 

There are no greater mysteries than these in Phil’s world of running. 

1. Rest days. Whatever else I do during the week, even thinking about running on Monday and Thursday feels deeply strange. (These are my rest days during the week – and have been with very exceptions back for almost a year). 

2. Pace.I only ever run a certain pace with my running club. If I don’t run with them, I feel I cannot even make that pace. Even though of course I can. Just as well that I only need to train at that pace once a week and I don’t race that pace. 

3. Injuries. Why people run injured. If you’re injured then don’t run. Simple isn’t it? No…. not really. I don’t always take this advice even though I find it really annoying when I see people in various states of being bandaged up to eke out last spring mara training runs.

4. Personal space while jogging. I like my personal space while jogging in London. Others don’t seem to always agree. I am clearly in a minority. For instance, I regularly have other runners who draft along behind me. The mystery is why? I don’t run my runcommute fast – it is easy paced jog. Maybe it is because I blugdeon the air out of the way and they want to take advantage of that phenomenon?

5. Cake. Apparently everyone at work thinks I have a cake obsession. I have NOOOOOOO idea, no, none, absolutely no idea, why they would EVER think that 😉 

What gets your goat? 

What running oddities plague you?

Recognise any of my flaws?

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