t-10 #runthecoast Runcommuting, sunset and preparation for the challenge

T-10 #runthecoast so, our little run is almost upon us. 10 days before we run 200 miles along the south coast to Bournemouth.

Today involved a bit of runcommuting. Slow today because I am making sure I don’t do anything silly and injure myself. So no heroics.

I was checking how many miles I have covered so far in 2016……  562. That’s quite reasonable. Happy with that. A combination of runs up to 41 miles, a 2 mainstay runs a week of around 8-10 miles with Serpentine Running club and Egerton running club and some three run days of around 12-13 miles a time.

Happy to have sorted the route and the various rough timings at points along the route. Pleased to have a support vehicle (thanks Karen Grieves) and some amazing running friends and supporters. And of course many friends, family and colleagues and running club mates who have made donations to our fundraising for RNLI.

Now down to sorting out the finer details of the four day run!!! With Michael Nowicki  Paul Commons Marek Kowalak Keith Dean and some of the runners who will do bits with us Zoe Norman Sophie Ravenscroft and Susan Bradburn


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