HIIT me baby one more time… on the FakeBike – crosstraining

Let me get this out of the way first…. I am a runner. An endurance runner. I run long. No… longer than that. No pain, no gain. If I don’t burn the kcals, then there is no point.

I have heard about High intensity interval training (HIIT). The sell is that it reduces body fat (yeah – could do with that)…. and also raises heart rate for a short period of time – I guess I need that too – I run long so I rarely sprint (though I do a little when I am runcommuting in London, or when I am running a hill on a trail run).

What is there to lose?

1. Certainly won’t take much time.

2. Is minimal effort (I planned to do it on my stationary exercise bike – eka FakeBike).

3. Will not disrupt my running (I don’t like running fast).

Since I don’t follow plans… this was going to be hard for me. HIIT (the programme that I found) – http://www.menshealth.co.uk/fitness/cardio-exercise/3-high-intensity-workouts-to-burn-fat-and-increase-fitness called for 3 mins of easy cycling (70-80rpm), then raise to 90rpm, then every thirty seconds, raise a level. Until you can’t go any longer keeping above 90rpm.

My wife stood by my side as I started off. Level 3. Easy. Except I found it hard to keep it between 70 – 80 rpm – always much faster. I eventually got into the rhythm and settled in at around 74 rpm. The timer ticked towards 3 minutes…. I ratched up a gear and raised my rpm to around 105. My plan was to keep it there as long as possible. It would give me a buffer zone.

Level after level every thirty seconds. I wondered how long I would have to cycle. My wife had cracked out 4:07 minutes in total. I was starting to worry at 6 minutes that either;

1) Bike was going to break

2) I would die – as my heart rate bounced past 180 bpm (i’m almost 40 so my theoretical max is 180!)

3) I would be sat here all day – (I have a night out planned!!!)

So… anyway as I was thinking that through, the level went up again. I was at level 10…. My wife cheering me on…… I had been at it for over 6 minutes 30 seconds…… I hit 7 minutes and the level went to 11….. my rpm dipped…. mid 90’s….. I put some more back into it…. no good….. dipped to 88bpm and game over.

I achieved 7:06 minutes of FIIT. It was different. It was fun. It didn’t take much time. It is quite engaging and competitive. I just want to beat myself now next time I do it.

Give it a go…. you might like it 🙂

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