How I lost over 5 stone in weight… in 6 months…. in 2008 (LONG POST) day by day diary over 6 months.

Lots of people ask me how I lost so much weight in so little time. I did this in 2008 before I discovered running. So obviously, running wasn’t the cause. Here is the day-by-day diary that I wrote (a few days are missing – often because I was out, or away, or just couldn’t get around to weighing in or typing a diary entry on that particular day).

There are three things I did. 1) I went for a big challenge (none of this lose 1lb a week crap!). 2) I weighed myself almost every day. 3) I cut down calories to around 1600 a day – mostly through reducing portion size and introducing lots of protein (eggs!) and making minor swapping changes 4) doing a tiny bit of exercise. 5) writing about it.

I have reproduced my journal entries below. In their entirety (though I have deleted any non losing weight / exercise / food related stuff). Hope it is useful. Here goes….

Here are some photos to start you off…..

Before I lost weight. This was 2007 in Malta at around 17 stone.
Before I lost weight. This was 2007 in Malta at around 17 stone.
the proof - the weight loss progress
the proof – the weight loss progress
After losing weight - and after my first ever 10k run
After losing weight – and after my first ever 10k run

Losing Weight


Day 1 – I am feeling fit and I keep up my exercise regularly, including cycling, walking, and eating healthily. I will have cut my weight down to 15st 8lbs by the middle of my challenge. I started at 16st 7lbs.

Day 2 – What is great is that I got up at 530 in the morning, and used the wii-fit this morning. It was great to get my body going this morning and waking my mind up. I am planning to do even more of it – and what is great is that it keeps track of my progress. I am starting at 16 st 7lbs. I want to get that to 15st 7lbs by the middle of my challenge.


Day 3 – What else? Well I got up and went on the wii-fit. My weight has stayed at 16st 7lbs. What is good is that it has not gone up. I have set the goal of losing a stone (14lbs) by 2 months time. that works out at about 2lbs a week i think. I am going to achieve that. And I believe that I will be down to 15stone by the end of my challenge.


Day 4 – I did some more on the wii this morning. I am pleased because my weight went down, but it wasn’t enough to change the weight on the wii (which only does it in whole lbs). I know because my measured BMI went down marginally. I am sure that my weight will be stable tomorrow morning when I check. I will really kick off the exercising this week after a takeaway and a big sunday dinner at the weekend. My weight on Sunday morning was 16st 7lb.


Day 5 – I cooked a lasagne tonight – which was nice – and what was good for me was that I did not have my full portion – I had half. That is one of the things that I am doing – eating less. I need to get more exercise, so I got my bike ready this evening and I went for a cycle. Twice! Once before dinner and once afterwards. I did practically the whole island twice. I like in a fantastic place and I really love it. I am pleased now that we did not move house – because this really is a total haven from the mad mad world out there. I want to keep this up and do really well on my weight. This morning I was a little disappointed to find that I had gone up to 16st 8lbs. Up one pound. I need this to come down… but I guess a few pounds either way is pretty standard isnt it?


Day 6 – I am very happy. This morning I got up, went for a cycle around the island -doing basically one nad a half laps. Enough to get mmy heart rate up. I do love the island and this is one of only a few times tht I have cycled around it (though I have walked alot). It got even better when I went on the wii-fit and found myself at 16st 6lb. Ok Ok… it is probably partly water I have lost, but I did do a great workout and it will increase my metabolism too. So i should see bigger improvements later. I am actually more interested in body shapre rather than weight – though I really would like to get down in weight. Japan is going to be really hot and a bit humid so I would like to feel more comfortable when we go at the end of July. Went for another cycle this evening – clocking up another 3 miles or so. Also made salad with quickfry steak which was lovely. Did well at lunchtime too – had a salad!! Though I could have done without the coriander.. I have a mild allergy to it. Been relaxing this evening.


Day 7 – I could have got up this morning a little earlier…. and I went out for a cycle. I did a shorter, slightly higher intensity cycle this morning, and felt great when I got back home. Also polished off a banana. I am pleased that I am eating better and finally doing some exercise. I weighed myself this morning on wii-fit and my weight after a bit of an upward blip was 16t 5lb. So, I have 12lb to go!! Went for a cycle too this evening. I am really getting into it. I did almost 4 miles this evening. I intend to build it up a bit more. I found a great website called mapmyrun which allows you to draw out the route and calculate it!!! 😉 Excellent stuff.


Day 8 – I didn’t cycle this morning – I could have gone to bed a little earlier last night. Anyway, I am doing pretty well so far and I am more than pleased with my progress. I did get on the wii fit this morning and that was great because I am down to 16st 4lbs. I know that my weight will fluctuate a little, but I am weighing myself at the same time everyday, and I am making sure that I have plenty of water too. It is good to see steady progress. I am down 4lbs so far over the last week – I imagine that will come down to 2-3lbs a week. But either way, I am on track to achieve my goal on weight, fitness and exercise. I am going to add some focus on my other goals now. I have been busy embedding my new exercise regime. It has been great because I have totally switched my mind ot thinking – I am not going to let work take over my life, and I am going to enjoy the now and where I live.


Day 9 – Got up super early this morning – about 5.20am! Went for a cycle – did 4 miles this morning, and I felt great. My aim is to get it up to 8 miles which is what I used to do when I cycled to work when I lived in London. Was so lovely, and when I got back I did a little bit on the wii-fit. My weight has blipped upwards to 16 st 6lbs – which is in part down to the drinking last night – ooh and the burger on the way home.


Day 10 – I went for a big bike ride this morning. I did 6.25 miles – and I am keen to get it up to 8 miles. I really enjoyed it! Really good for clearing the mind. I feel so much fitter. Anyway, my “key performance indicator” is weight – and that has come in at 16st 4lb. I am delighted because not only has it come down, but other people can see the difference in me. I have also been doing five a day on fruit – and doing really well with it. I have made it a habit. I have been buying fruit at work and just eating it out of habit! Off to a barbecue at friends today. Going to enjoy it – going to be fun!!!


Day 11 – Fantastic day at friends place. They live in Milton Keynes. We had a fair bit to drink last night had a barbecue last night and this morning too. It is really nice where they live. Though I love where we live. I was really good with my eating – normally i would have carried on, but I did stop before I was full. I made a lovely curry this morning, though I could have eaten a little less!!


Day 12 – Went out cycling this morning. I made extra effort because I did hardly any exercise over the weekend. I am still to ma my route to work out the distance, but was pleased with what I did. The indicator that used is how good I feel when I get back and I think it felt like an 8 / 10 exercise. I weighed myself on wii-fit, and after yesterdays blip…. I am down to 16t 6lb. Still downward trend, but clearly a pause for breath! Went for another cycle this evening and did 3.5 miles. Was great. Got home and had salad with some chicken left over from yesterday. Was lovely 🙂


Day 13 – Getting fit – I am pleased that I am keeping up with my cycling. I went for a ride this morning as part of my exercising to get fitter. I think I did around 3.5miles and I will be checking on the mapmyrun website later on. Weighed myself and I came in at 16st 4lbs this morning. I intend that by the end of next week (11 July) I will weigh no more than 16st. That will be achievable without going too mad.


Day 14 –  am pleased that I have maintained my weight at 16st 4lbs. That is the same as yesterday. I did some wii-rhythm boxing this morning and that was fun. I could have got up a little earlier to go out cycling. I will look forward to doing that tomorrow. I will miss it on Friday.


Day 15 – Oh… and guess what….. for the third day running I am steady at 16st 4lbs!!

Day 16 – I am pleased with my weight. I went out for a cycle when I got back from Nottingham and I had a go on wii-fit.. I am still 16st 4lb. So I have been completely steady over the last few days. Happy!!! I need to go a bit further – i would like to get to 16stone by next wednesday!

Day 18 – After my 9.5mile cycle this morning, I weighed myself on wii-fit. I am down to 16st 2lbs!!! So that is 5lb down on where I started this challenge. Pretty good going i think.

Day 19 – Feeling fit and healthy. I am 16st 3lb. It was raining this morning and I did not go for my cycle. So, I caught up on some sleep instead. When I lived in London, I used to cycle everyday, come rain or shine, and bizarre as it sounds, I only got really wet about 10 times a year.

Day 20 – fit… I am pleased to say, that despite not cycling yesterday, or this morning, I am doing in weight to 16st 2lb. So that means that I have 8lbs to go before the middle of my challenge (so basically in another 30 days and then another 8lbs by the end of my challenge. I am sure I will hit my goal. I can see that when I go walking in the lake district in October I will be much lighter on my feet and I will be ore comfortable with the walking because I will be fitter too! I went for a cycle this evening. I did 11 miles! I went quite a long way around the river. Was very lovely and there were lots of little rabbits on the path too!!! 🙂 I am feeling very productive just now and I am sure that I am going to get lots of things done tomorrow. We are off to the Kent County Show on Friday. That will be great fun!!

Day 21 – fitness and health – am 16st 3lb at the moment. I seem to be hovering around that weight just now. I did 11 miles of cycling last night, and about 3 miles this morning. I will do more later today. I will also go for a walk around the park at lunchtime. I expected to be at 16st by today… but I am not quite there. Perhaps it is because muscle weighs more than fat? Either way, I feel fitter, and cycling is alot easier than when I first started. My clothes are much more comfortable too.

Day 22 – 16st 3lbs this morning. I know that while i have further to go the improvement is just around the corner. I am pleased that i have been having soup for lunchtimes at work. It is filling and at the same time it means that i am keeping my calorie under control

Day 23 – Weighed myself in the morning and i was 16st 1lb. An improvement on yesterday I am really pleased with my progress which is steady and consistent weight loss but i feel healthier too. I have never really been able to manage this recently so i am very happy.

Day 24 – Went for a cycle this morning around the island. I have some more to do to get my bike computer working because it is not working as i want it to yet. Weighed in again this morning. I am 16st 1lb. Amazing progress and I am so pleased I have achieved this so far. Went for a lovely walk along the river. 10 mile walk with my partner. Stopped for a lovely beer and then headed back for a bbq on our balcony. Normally we would have done the bbq in the garden – we fancied doing it on the balcony instead 🙂

Day 25 – I am down to 16st 1lb. Stubbornly just about 16st but I am determined to shift it. I see things like this simply as a challenge. And I overcome all the challenges that I am faced by.

Day 26 – Cycled the island again. Feel much better after I have done it in the morning. It is a really great way to wake up. Every morning I do it I remember why I love living on my island. I felt a bit odd this morning – not my normal self – and so cycling helped me to feel better. I went for another cycle in the evening too! Weighed in again – still 16st 1lb. I really need to shift this single pound. It is a barrier that I just have to crash through. My aim for this time next week is to be 15st 11lb. Can I do it? Bet you I can!! It is a long time since I have been 15st anything!

Day 27 – I am feeling good resolve to getting things done. And I am pleased I a doing well with getting fit. I am still at 16st 1lb this morning. Unfortunately I could not get up early enough to go cycling.

Day 28 – Started with a lovely poached egg on toast in my favourite little cafe around the corner from work. I love that place. It is a mom and pop portuguese cafe and I get great service, and good, value food. I love going there before work for a sit and chill so that I can reflect on the day ahead. It also helps me plan my day and think about what has gone well in the previous day. I weighed in yesterday. My weight was 16st 2lb. That was a slight increase. I went for a 10 minute cycle in the morning. It was all that I had time for unfortunately. I felt great afterwards because I really pushed!

Day 29 – in terms of feeling fit. I am 16st 1lb again. Phew. I worried that I was on an upward trend for a few seconds there. I have a little bit still to go…. I see it as a wall of empty cardboard boxes – I know I can crash through 16st – downwards of course!!!!!!! i want to get to 15st 8 by the middle of mmy challenge!!! and then 15st by the end.

Day 30 – I am pleased that I am back to 16st 1lb! That last 1lb is proving difficult. But I am sure I will get through it. Small barriers like that are just challenges that help focus the mind.

Day 32 – Weighed in – 16st on the nose. I am focusing on getting closer to my goal.

Day 33 – Went for a 15 min cycle this morning. Weight was up slightly to 16st 1lb. I am sure this is a blip.

Day 34 – 30 min cycle this morning. Loving cycling around the island – it is free and it wakes me up and I feel healthier too. It is clearly also working to keep my weight in check – I am at 15st 13 this morning!! I am pleased that I have got it back down.

Day 35 – I spent the time cuddling this morning instead of going for a cycle. So I have missed out on my exercise. I am 16st 1lb this morning. It is actually only 1lb up from yesterday morning because I was inbetween pounds on both days, and it rounds up and down. Anyway, that sounds way too muich of an excuse. I am going to walk up and down the stairs today to help make amends.

Day 36 – Went for a cycle this morning. Did 30 mins and 5.5 miles. Feel really good after that. Weighed in and thankfully after drinking last night I have not gone up from 16st 1lb. I was completely the same. Wierd hey?

Day 37 – I have been for a 9 mile cycle this morning – and I am still recovering after that!!! I feel really hot – but I do feel healthy for it. Though I had a pizaa last night (bad boy bad boy!!!) Not weighed myself yet. I am just about to do that. I am envisaging exactly 16st. I will look after myself when I am in Japan with the aim of eating healthily.

Day 38 – I went for a cycle this morning – 4.5miles. Enough for me to feel healthy when i had finished.

Day 39 – I went for a fabulous hour and a half cycle. I did just over 15 miles – most of it cycle lanes. I really got into the flow when i was cycling. I love it. Weighed in at 15st 13lb. So I am still below!! 🙂

Day 48 – I weighed in, half not really knowing what to expect….. and guess what….. I am 15st 11lb!!!! That is lower than when I went away, so I am mighty chuffed. I have only 12lbs to lose until my goal is achieved. I said also I wanted to get to 15st 8lb by the middle of my challenge – which is the day after tomorrow…. will I do it??? I am totally convinced of it!

Day 49 – Cycled 6.33 miles this morning. Am totally over the moon with my progress on weight – I am down to 15st 9lb! so just one 1lb to go before tomorrow. I know that I will achieve that! I will let you know tomorrow.

Day 50 – I did a 12 mile cycle this morning which made me feel great. I was out for about an hour. I watched a couple of yachts go out of the marina on the way back onto my island – that was fun and I am loving the idea of having a yacht sometime in the future. I weighed myself…. and I managed to overachieve my 50 day goal of getting down to 15st 8lb. I actually ended up at 15st 7lb! so i have 8lb to go by the end of my challenge in the next 50 days. I am really chuffed because I was able to wear a t-shirt that was originally too small when i bought it from the shop. And I looked really good today so I was pleased about that and my work has paid off.

Day 51 – Went for a 6 and a half mile cycle this morning. Weighed in at 15st 8lb – slightly up fro yesterday but I am sure I will chop that by tomorrow.

Day 52 – I did a 6.5 mile cycle this morning and I pushed myself harder than usual and put even more effort into it. I weighed myself and I was back to 15st 7lbs. I am determined to get this down to 14st 12lb by the end of the challenge. I also did some torso twists and the triangle yoga pose to tone my waist.

Day 53 – Weighed this morning at 15st 7lb. I am pleased that I have remained stable and I am sure I will hit 15st 6lb tomorrow morning. I have also been doing torso twists and the triangle yoga pose. I really enjoy it because

Day 54 – I couldn’t get out to cycle in the morning. I was disappointed by that. I weighed in at 15st 7lbs. And it was going up slightly… though I am sure that I will tackle that through more exercise. I may also have to slightly modify my diet so that I can shift the rest of the weight that I want to lose.

Day 55 – I went for a 15 minute cycle this morning after I hauled myself out of bed. I am finding it so difficult to get up at the moment – which is a shame because i really enjoy cycling in the morning because it clears my head. Anyhow, I decided to cycle this evening – though I had to sacrifice two other possibilities – going for a drink with some friends after work, and the other option of going to the cinema to see a film about genghis khan. But I am pleased I came home and i went for a 5.5mile cycle – about 30 mins worth, I put in some extra because I didn’t cycle yesterday and also when i weighed myself this morning i was feeling a little disheartened because my weight blipped up to 15st 8lbs which really disappointed me. One of my friends at work said that I shouldn’t weigh myself every day because once you’ve got past the first bit of weight, the weight fluctuates by up to a couple of pounds a day! I will still weigh myself daily because I feel much more in control that way. SOmeone at work – who didn’t know that i was putting effort into cutting my weight commented on my looking slimmer today – that put a spring in my step. Any tips of what I should be doing differently? At the moment I am eating breakfast – having poached eggs on toast in the morning, soup for lunch, and trying to do something quite light in the evening. Seems to be ok – but i am thinking perhaps of going for cereal instead.

Day 56 – Weighed in at 15st 9lbs. That is really not good. I do not know why my weight is going up so much. i guess it could be because i am gaining more muscle and apparently that weighs more than fat… but that feels like a cop out to me. I was pleased i didn’t go out last night, because i would have felt awful and my weight would be even worse. I went for a 15 minute cycle. I need to do much more.

Day 57 – I had an excellent day. first of all, i got up and went for a cycle. No ordinary cycle though as I cycled to the Isle of Sheppey from Chatham. I clocked up 27 miles! it took about 2 and a half hours (partly because I had a little rest at Iwade). I could have carried on and gone much further too – the only problem is that it is a little boring doing a reverse route. Anyway, I got back and was knackered. I weighed myself and I was really pleased. Down to 15st 6lb!!! No doubt some of that was water loss because of my cycling – but nevertheless I am pleased. What was wierd is that I visualised a BMI of 30.9 and guess what – that is exactly where the number stopped!! 🙂 I celebrated by eating two oranges quartered, an apple quartered, a bowl of bran flakes, an espresso, and a fruit juice. That doubled as breakfast and lunch. I think that was quite healthy.

Day 58 – I went for a cycle this morning. I was determined to get my weight down further. Especially since we had friends around and i cooked a couple of courses and drank a little. I cycled to rochester and back and clocked up around ten miles. I also got back and challenged myself to do all of the yogo poses on the wii. I did it. Amazing!! My weight was 15st 6lb. I am really putting everything into toning up and losing weight. My mind has shifted to making sure everything i do is aimed at that goal. I know i will achieve it and feel great because my body will be fit and i will be really proud of it and my achievement.

Day 59: Weighed in at 15st 8lb. I could have got up a little earlier to go cycling. But I didn’t. Instead I went for a cycle in the evening – for 4 miles.

Day 65 – Weighed at 15st2lb

Day 71 – I started this morning with a cycle. I did 10.5 miles. And it was fun because I could have gone forever – it was only when i looked at my cycle computer that i realised how long I had been cycling. I made sure that I did plenty of up hill work – apparently that is really good for getting fit so I have been doing more of that recently. I also went for a cycle this morning and I did another 3.5 miles. I did it when dusk was falling, and I cycled along the river. It was so beautiful and quiet… and atmospheric because the river mist was all about and Upnor castle was nestling in the mist.I weighed in this morning at 14st 12lb. I have done it – I have crashed through my original goal which I changed from 14st13lb to 14st7lb. Now… because I am so close to my new goal – I have extended it again so that I will reach 14st0lb by the end of season 2. I know I will do it – just watch me. Ate really healthy all day. Started with poached eggs on brown toast. That was late morning. And this afternoon we had a salad with tuna steak. It was really lovely and one of the nicest salads I have ever made. When we were at the supermarket I also picked up some food that is low calorie – including a melon – which we ate and it was lovely.

I thought that I would start writing lists of top 9 things….. so to start off with …. I thought I would give some tips on how I have achieved my weight loss goals….

1) Measure. Know where you are going, where you are starting from. ANd monitor daily your weight. Pick a goal that is inspiring and stretching. What is the point in achieving something achievable. Be wild – go far.

2) Find some exercise you enjoy. And that you can do daily. Doesn’t matter how much or how little. but find something you love doing.

3) Don’t drastically change your diet…. if you enjoy the fish and chip shop – search out whether there is a slightly healthier alternative to fish and chips…. it could be fish cake, it could be half a portion of chips and small fish. Whatever.

4) Eat breakfast. My fave is poached eggs on toast – brown!

5) Eat fruit… as much as you like, snack on it, graze on it. Love it. It helps. Alot.

6) Eat chocolate. Yes. It is fine. Really it is. Just don’t eat loads of it/

7) Things that you previously fried – grill or cook in the oven. Believe me it tastes better!

8) Be active. If you are at work, walk around. Use the stairs. Walk at lunchtime.

9) Watch what you drink. Drink more water. If you are going to drink alcohol then remember that beer is terrible! gin / vodka and slimline tonic is much better. Even better is to try out lime and soda water. It is actually really nice. I have lots of drinks at work and it is actually socially acceptable to abstain! 😉

Day 73 – Went for a cycle this morning. It was not as long as i have done in the past. I did 3.5 miles. I weighed in at 14st 13lb. Not quite sure where the extra 2lb came from though i am sure that it is temporary.

Day 74 – So, this morning I went for a cycle. All the better since it was raining and I was unsure as to whether I would be put off. Thankfully my resolve held out and I ventured out in the rain. I got up super early and did 30 mins or so of yoga and muscle exercises and some step on the wii. I felt great having done an hour of workout this morning. See the screenshot from the wii-fit this morning. I weighed in at 14st 12lb. This is an improvement. I need to sustain half a pound a day weight loss to hit my raised target. I am already past the original one I set, and only 5 pounds off my more challenging one – which is too close to keep me motivated. Went for my usual poached eggs on toast and black coffee this morning, baked potato, butter, pepper and two glasses of water for lunch. This evening I ate fruit, veg and salad!!! Healthy eater I am. And I do exercise. My body is my temple LOL!!!!!! More yoga and also some cycling (extra 30 mins and 5.5miles)

Day 75 – I got up a little late to go out for a cycle this morning. The good news though is that I went out this evening and cycled almost 10 miles. I did approx 3 laps of the island, it was getting dark, cold and a bit windy so i had to stop eventually, also because needed to eat before it got too late.

Day 76 – I could not get up early enough to go for a cycle – so instead I went in the evening for 40 minutes. I also did yoga and some exercises this evening so am feeling very virtuous! 🙂 I lost weight compared with yesterday though I still register at 14 st 12lb. I know DEFINITELY it will fall for tomorrow morning. I am sooooo determined to do it.

Day 77 – I went for a cycle this morning. Was good because I did about 35 minutes and then some exercise on the wii – including some yoga. Good news was that I dropped to 14st 10lbs. So that means that I have only 10lbs to go before day 100.

Day 78 – Today was amazing. I got up quite early and went for a cycle – 19 miles in total. Part way around I stopped at a friends place for a glass of water and a coffee. Was fun catching up and I was really pleased that I am able to cycle there. Because all of the way there – it is uphill!!! I also did a whole load of workout and yoga, and abs exercises. I did some of those on the tv – was cool. I felt really relaxed after yoga. I weighed in this morning at 14st 8lb! So. I have only 1lb before i get to my second goal… and then 8lb to my final 100 day goal. I am super pleased with my progress. I have eaten healthily all day – fruit smoothies, poached eggs on toast, tomato pasta. was lovely – all day… and of course i had 5 jelly babies… but i think that is ok!!

Day 79 – I did lots of cycling today. Went out this morning and did 15.5miles. Then this evening i went out and did almost 7 miles. So really pleased with that. I also did 75 tummy crunches and obliques. I am determined to get more toned. I weighed in a 14st 8lb – a minute bit less than yesterday. I have been eating healthily today too! I celebrated my success by getting some new suits today. They are sharp! Also got new shoes, ties, shirts and belts. I intend to look the part to ensure that I get promoted. Was funny and really cool this morning when I put my jeans on and they slid down over my hips!! They were tooo big! So i had to go search out some smaller ones!! hehee 🙂 THat just made my weight loss and fitness just feel so real to me.

Day 80 – Weighed in at 14st 8lb. I still have 8lb to shift. I have 20 days to do it in. I went for a cycle this evening and i did lots of exercises to build up my abdominal muscles. 6 pack – here i come!! Wore my new suit today. Everyone thought I looked amazing!

Day 81 – I am 14st 8lbs right now. I did exercise – i went out cycling and i did tummy crunches and obliques. Both in the morning and this evening. I cycled to the shop this evening to buy a few bits for our meal tonight. I really enjoyed doing that – and it felt wierdly satisfying.

Day 82 – I weighed myself this morning. I am 14st 7lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THat is the target weight that was my second goal for the 100 days. But I know that I am going further and that is why a few weeks back I set my goal even tougher – so I will be 14st on day 100. It will be a bit more of a challenge now that my bike had a tyre blowout this morning, but I have been compensating with cross-trainer work, lots of tummy crunches, and other exercses. I also did boxing on the wii.

Day 83 – Good news. I am 14st6lb. So, I have lost already 29lbs over the period of my challenge.

Day 84 – Good news is that my weight is still falling. It fell marginally today though still registers 14st6lb. Ate really healthily and i love that i have discovered strawberries. They are great because they are low in calories and they taste lovely. I often make fruit smoothies with them.

Day 85 – I weighed myself after a bit of exercise and i was 14st 5lb. I am getting closer to my goal. One step at a time.

Day 86 – Got up this morning and found i was heavier than i thought i would be. I was 14st7lb. I di some exercise but it didnt help!

Day 87 – I weighed in this morning – I am 14st 6lb. I have also been on the scully (rowing) machine, cross-trainer and tummy crunch thing. I love that I have found my motivation to do some more exercise particularly while my bike is in for servicing.

Day 88 – I did 50 reps on my rowing machine this morning. I weighed in at 14st 6lbs. so that is good and headng in the right direction. I intend that by tomorrow morning I am 14st 3lb. That might sound drastic – but I am putting in super amounts of exercise right now to achieve my goal, eating healthily, drinking plenty of water too. And I have noticed that over the weekend my weight goes up – but that is because i have a lot of fruit, which basically disappears over the following few days – but shows up as a temporary upward blip in my weight.

Day 89 – I did some exercise this morning because i got up early. i used the rowing machine and the cross-trainer and some abs workouts. I weighed in at 14st 3 lb! It is clearly as a result of the exercise that i am doing. There were leaving drinks on tonight for some guys at work. I was very good and stayed on lime juice and soda water all night. Lots of people commented on how much weight i had lost and how great i was looking. I am just 3lbs off my 100 day challenge! how amazing is that! I still have 11 days to go!! I am sure I will more than achieve that.

Day 90 – It is all going so well… I was 14st 2lbs this morning. I am really getting in to doing my exercise at home. And today I will get my bike back so I will be able to go cycling again!! I have really really missed it – though the good thing is that I have found other ways of losing weight and getting fit. During the day I did a bit of exercising which was good fun. Also I ate really healthily – eating strawberrys and raspberries quite a bit!!

Day 91 – Did some exercise this morning before weighing myself. Used cross-trainer and rowing machine. Plus some tummy crunches. I weighed in at just over 14st 1lb. So I am getting tantalisingly close now. I intend to get down to 13st 7lb – because I am so close to the target of 14st now. With almost 10 days to go.

Day 92 – I have achieved my weight target. I got down to 14st – in fact i am slightly below! That means that I have lost 35 pounds in total in 92 days! My intention is to get to 12stone before the end of season 3. I went shopping with my partner today and bought some new clothes. I made sure that I did not spend much because I will be losing more weight. What was great is that I bought “SMALL” t-shirts. I can’t remember the last time that was possible!

Day 96 – I was pleased to find when I got back that I had only gained half a pound – so basically 14st. So, thats great because I was not able to weigh myself, and I had limited choice over what I could eat. So i basically did lots of exercise, and I was careful over my food choices. Everyone there was really shocked how much weight i had lost and how great i look!

Day 97 – Weighed this morning, basically am 14st on the nose. I expect this to come down. Was healthy all day – toast for breakfast, strawberries and raspberries for lunch, and then crab salad for evening meal. All washed down with several litres of strawnberry, berry and blueberry smoothy 🙂

Day 100 – I am feeling fit and I keep up my exercise regularly, including cycling, walking, and eating healthily. I have cut my weight down to 15st 8lbs by the middle of my challenge. I started at 16st 7lbs. I have exercised regularly. I did cardio exercise – including cycling, cross-trainer and rowing. I did yoga and tummy crunches to work my muscles. I did it a little every day. I have eaten healthily. I ate fruit daily – including in smoothies, I ate breakfast everyday, I stayed off the takeaways and on the salads. I have cut down my weight to 14stone. I monitored daily my weight. I set myself increasingly challenging goals – I originally planned to get to 15stone, then 14st7lb then 14st0! I made sure that I lost a little each day


Day 101 – I have started well on my weight and fitness challenge. I am paying particular attention to toning up. I found a tshirt that I wore ages ago, and I would like to fit it once again. I will measure my progress towards it 🙂 I started my challenge today at 14stone on the nose. That will definitely be down to 12stone by 8 january. I have done 500 strokes on the rowing machine today – so I am very happy with that. I have also done 75 tummy crunches and obliques. I will see the difference when I keep that up!

Day 102 – So… started today with some exercise. I have done my 500 rows on the rowing machine – so that was really good. I also did 2 mins in the morning and evening on the cross-trainer. Weighed at 13st 12lb.

Day 103 – Drove up north to see parents on way to lakes. Keeping up with eating healthy. On the way up in the car we ate pears, plums and apples. Was great because in the past we would have eaten KFC or something else similarly lovely but unhealthy.

Day 104 – Well, we have arrived in the lake district. we stay in a little converted barn in santon bridge. The place we are staying in is fantastic and i am sure we will find it really relaxing. I need to buy some new shorts tomorrow for going hiking during the week. It is good because my old ones don’t fit any more because i have lost so much weight. we will go to keswick tomorrow to go shopping. It is also my partners birthday and i can’t wait to spoil her.


We went to the pub down the road from the cottage. I had a grea time, ate some seafood and had just one beer. I am looking forward to doing lots of exercise this week. I think that i will challenge and surprise myself.

Day 106 – what i great day. i love the lake district. it is so beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. we went for a 9 mile walk and it was wonderful. compared to last year, and pur other friends i did really well. i was always towards the front and i actually RAN up one hill to everyones astonishment. i ended the walking feeing energised rather than tired unlike the others. i feel great. it has really made a big difference to me losing 36 lbs in season 2. we had a great time tonight. we went to the pub for the meal – it turns out that our friend intended to book the one across the road but got confused. anyway, this place was more homely and relaxing. the food was also great. i had a steak with salad, and i have a few mouthfuls of susies chocolate fudge desert. yum yum. i was really pleased i didnt eat the whole thing. i ate very well and chose healthy things tonight. i also stuck to the soda water and lime.

Day 107 – i ate well today. i ate breakfast, a healthy lunch and a nice pigeon salad for evening meal. admittedly i had a couple of pints – one which was a celebratory one after we won the quiz.

Day 109 – went for a 12 mile walk today. the good news is that it would be pretty flat… the bad news is that it involved walking through sheep and cow poo for most of the route. we waded across boggy field after boggy field – one of our friends ended up almost waist deep in a hole. most amusing. So, a very long walk which was obviously pretty good in terms of exercise. i also ate healthily, though i did have a steak pie and two pints at the pub in the evening. i think i earned them dont you think?

Day 112 – I weighed in this morning and found that I am 13st 8lbs. That means that I have lost 6lbs already (my reckoning is that means that I am 21% towards my new weight loss goal of getting to 12stone). I also tried on new jacket and trousers today at the shops, and I am not far off fitting into a 38inch chest jacket and i could fit almost comfortably into a 34 inch waist trouser. So how happy am i!! I enjoyed cycling around the island this morning and I went again this evening. I have done around 12 miles today and I feel really good for it. I have also bought soem weights as I read that it is good to do some weight exercises so that I can raise my resting metabolism. I am sure that regardless, it will help me to tone up a little more. I also did my rowing exercises today. Made a lovely salad to go with fishcakes this lunch time – it was lovely!! i also made a lovely fruit smoothy.

Day 113 –  have done lots on my fitness today. I have been for a cycle this morning around the island where I live. I really enjoyed it because I had a day off work after my holidays. I have also done some work with my weights that i bought. i am using them to help me tone my stomach – which is where i think the stone and a half are hiding away 🙂 I did my 500 rows too! I weighed in at 13stone 7pounds. Great. just one and a half stone to lose now. I have also bought myself a pedometer. I intend to do my 10000 steps a day. I will see how it works. I found a great book too – cook yourself thin. It is cool. It finds ways of cutting down calories in everyday meals. Is great. I did a really good one with pork and spinach leaves with a lovely lemon dressing with garlic. yum yum.

Day 114 – I am doing well with getting my weight down and I had tons of compliments today on how I am looking. I was really pleased – it is great to have people saying lovely things. Did some work with my weights today. They are helping me to tone up my body so that it is better shaped. It is really important because i have lost so much weight. Also will burn more calories ! I used my pedometer to measure how many steps i took. I did 6746. I am aiming for 10,000 a day. and then I will increase it. I also did 700 strokes on the rowing machine, 2 mins on crosstrainer

Day 115 – Did well on health and fitness. Weighed at 13st8lbs. Up slightly – but temporarily for sure. Did 500 rows. Did weight exercises. ate healthily. Did 10258 steps today (according to pedometer!)

Day 116 – Weighed at 13st7lb this morning. I am sure that tomorrow I will show a fall to 13st6lbs. Did 500 rows, and 9746 steps (though definitely more because i forgot to wear the pedometer for our walk to the cinema and back (about 2 miles!) Ate healthily (though had a couple of pieces of fudge) and did some weights exercises. Boss told the rest of the senior management team about his plans for my division and my promotion – everyone seems happy!

Day 117 – Oh, almost forgot… on weight, I am 13st 7lbs. And I did lots of exercise over the weekend, and even though I did lots of eating, I got rid of the little blip I experienced. On wards and downwards!! 😉

Day 121 – i weighed at 13st6lbs – eventually. i did lots of exercise even though i could be feeling better and it has taken a few days to get over the hump caused by lack of exercise at the weekend and the food that i ate at our friends house.

Day 123 – i weighed at 13stone5lb this morning. so i was very pleased. i have lost 9 pounds already this season.

Day 124 – i did 600 strokes on the rowing machine this morning. i am also 13stone 5lbs on the nose. so i lost about half a pound compared with yesterday.

Day 127 – Weighed in this morning at 13stone 4lbs! Pretty amazing hey – so that means that I have lost 3stone 3 pounds already! it is going so well, I know that I will achieve my goal very very quickly. I am happy too that I have been doing lots of exercise and I feel that I have really learned about food. I have discovered Wasabi Peas which are sold at EAT. I love those things. I am also a big fan of Edamame 🙂 Apparently all the supermodels eat it too – Geraldine at work is saying I am eating like a girl LOL.

Day 128 – I weighed in at 13stone 4lbs this morning. This is the same as yesterday. I went for a meal today with my new member of staff – cool – she is italian and I think she will be very very good in this role. I am looking forward to her starting in my team. She is very enthusiastic and she will fit in excellently.oh… by the way, i had my ego massaged again today… someone at work said they have never seen me so thin!! Another yesterday mentioned how trim I am looking. all paying off! My new suit helps I am sure. I need to buy some new gym equipment because I have broken the rower! I got a bit enthusiastic with it earlier today. I am sure that I will get something even better.

Day 129 – I weighed this morning at a little less than 13stone4lbs. That means I have 1stone4lbs to go. I am sure that I will do that in no time at all. I have done lots on my exercise goals. I have been focusing on my tummy and getting it slimmer. I am really pleased with my progress so far – all my clothes are fitting me much much better.

Day 130 – Weighed in this morning at 13stone 3lbs. I am very very happy with that, and I know that I will go even further. I will be 12stone exactly by the end of this challenge. my weight loss goal is going really well. I set out wanting to lose 28 pounds in 100 days. i have lost 11 pounds by day 30 (39.2% progress) leaving just 17 pounds to go. I had already lost 45 pounds in season 2 alone. I am looking into a new cross-trainer, and possibly an exercise bike or rower because I have broken the two second hand gym bits that I got from ebay – I certainly have got at it!! 🙂

Day 131 – My weight is 13stone 1 (and a half). How fantastic. I am having to be very careful with what I eat because my rowing machine has broken and the cross-trainer is not working so good just now. I am looking on the internet for a new cross-trainer – a good one, hopefully with electro magnetic resistance (do i sound like i know what i am talking about?)

Day 132 – I will be going out on my bike because the weather will be fantastic! 🙂 I weighed in today and found I was slightly higher at 13stone 3. I intend to do some more exercise tomorrow. Getting serious about my fitness – I bought men’s health magazine. I am really enjoying it. I has lots of interesting articles about food, working out, exercising and of course gadgets 🙂 I will look at getting a subscription to it. I think it will be fun to read longer term.

Day 133 – Weighted in at 13stone 2lbs. I really need to get sorted a new cross-trainer because my current one isn’t working properly. I know that there will be an excellent deal on amazon tomorrow – I will look out for it. I am doing lots of toning exercises at the moment and that is really working wonders in helping me fir up my body.

Day 134 – I did lots of exercise today – I am enjoying the partial gym I have set up downstairs in the back room. It have my cross-trainer in there – it could be working better – but it does give me an uninterupted 5 mins! I also used for the first time, a stepping machine. My oh my… it really made me sweat – which I take as a good thing… SO i will definitely do that again. I really want to get a replacement cross-trainer. I am really getting into the gym and I am so lucky to have room for equipment without me having to pack it away all of the time. I weighed in this morning at 13stone 3lbs. I am determined that this will be at 13stone 1lbs tomorrow morning. Especially after I did almost an hour of exercise!

Day 135 – Lots of great things happened today. First of all I weighed in a 13stone2lbs. So that is great progress. I intend to do much more tonight on the exercise machines to ensure that i ge down to 13stone 1lb by tomorrow morning.

Day 136 – Weighed in at 13stone 2lb. It is great to see further progress. I am sure that I am going to achieve my goals on my weight and fitness.

Day 137 – Oh, almost forgot… I weighed in at my lowest ever weight… 13stone1lb!! So I have just over a stone to go before 8 January!

Day 138 – Great day today. I weighed at 13 stone on the nose. How cool is that! That means that I have in total during season 2 and season 3 so far – 59 pounds! Thats a lot. And I am really impressed with myself. I ccan’t believe that I have managed to keep this up!

Day 139 – Doing well. I am now 12stone13lb. Great huh? I did a lot of exercise this afternoon.

Day 140 – I weighed in at 13stone on the nose. Not too bad considering I had a couple of beers and a fish and chip supper at Dickensworld last night. I did plenty of exercise today – soem in the morning and some in the evening. I al really enjoying exercising and I am pleased that I have space to keep equipment set up at home.

Day 141 – I weighed in at 13stone on the nose. Again. I am sure that in the next week I will get down to 12 stone 10pounds. I did lots of exercise tonight – in fact I did 30 minutes on the cross-trainer. Not sure how I did it – though I did use the Gatecrasher CD!

Day 142 – Weight this morning – 13stone0lbs (182lbs). Minutes on the cross-trainer – 10. Poached eggs – 2. Coffees – 3. tubs of wasabi peas – 2. tubs of fruit – 2.

Day 147 – Had a great day. We walked around 23,000 steps according to my pedometer. We saw the moulin rouge and also climbed up to the top of Montmartre. It was very pretty up there and everything was built from White stone. Went for a nice meal in the Latin quarter. I had steak frites and Susie had beef bournignon. Both were nice. We are back in Kent tomorrow evening. I always enjoy coming home. I have been doing a bit of exercise and I am sure that I will have lost weight with all of the walking I have been doing!

Day 148 – Got up and did around an hour of exercise interspersed with reading my magazines. I feel I have been doing whatever I can to keep fit while I have been in Paris. I have also been doing plenty of walking.

Day 149 – Weighed in at 13 stone – well actually it was 12 stone 13 and a half. Did half hour of cross trainer and stepper this morning. Felt great.

Day 150 – Weighed at 13 stone today – same as yesterday. I must cut out the snacks. I have been a little naughty lately.

Day 151 – Weight is 12st13lb. Time exercising 30 min

Day 152 – Weight: 12st12lb

Day 157 – what else of note? Well I did lots of exercise – about 45 mins on the cross-trainer. Last night i found a store near work (charing cross) which sells the cross-trainer I am looking for. That will help me to maintain my weight loss – my current cross-trainer has seen better days. I am up to 52 pounds lost out of 63 goal!! 🙂

Day 158 – Weighed in this morning at 12stone 11lb. I am sure that I will look more weight – I am really pleased with my progress!

Day 160 – A fab day – weighed in at 12st 8lbs this morning. Great!! Went bowling with some friends in Chatham and then for a Thai Meal. I checked beforehand what I should eat to be healthy – and I chose Mussels, and then prawn pad thai. I skipped dessert but enjoyed some lovely wine during the meal.

Day 162 – After an indulgent weekend I weighed in at 12st10lbs. So that was a bad show – though I really enjoyed myself. I did around an hour on the cross-trainer tonight to help compensate. I ate healthily at lunch time – I had wasabi peas, edamame beans, and miso soup for lunch.

Day 188 – What is really good is that I am doing so well on my weight loss project. That was to get healthier, smaller, fitter, and thinner. I am doing really well. I started this season on 1 october 2008 and so far I have dropped from 14 stone to 12 stone 4 pounds. Pretty good going hey? Well I am really pleased 🙂 What has been great is that I am finding it hard to find clothes small enough to fit me in the shops!! whahey! I did 45 minutes on my cross-trainer this morning. I used to provide the music for my workout with September as the starting point. Great music!!!

Day 192 – I am now over 4 stone (around 60 pounds) lighter. Much healthier and fitter and I do regular exercise (ah – like every day!).

Day 195 – So these are the last few days. I have five pounds to lose in a few days. I WILL do it!

Day 200 – Yeah – 12 stone!

Day 205 – I was feeling really achy today after my run. Exhausting. It is amazing how it takes a few days to catch up after exercise. I have used completely different muscles running outside than on the cross-trainer. I weighed at 12 stone 3 this morning. I think it is all leg muscle – well here is hoping! I am sure it will be lower later this week. Today I bought some trainers. I got them from a fantastic shop just off Victoria street in London They were great. I said I had no idea what i needed. They gave me some to try and then watched me run outside. Apparently I roll slightly inwards when I run. And also I have flat feet. So, I got a pair of Saucony trainers. They are great. Feel really comfortable. I am sure that I will be able to run faster!

Day 207 – I did some workout on my cross-trainer this morning. I was pleased that I was able to do that. I intend to do some more running soon. I went for a run last night at 9,30pm – I love that i can do that where I live and it is so safe. I got some wonderful tips from friends that will help me to train for the marathon. I am often bowled over by how many of my friends have experience of things that I am interested in and how much they and others want to help. Weight was 12stone 2lbs this morning. I hope to be able to exercise more now that the pain I inflicted on my legs by running is starting to ease off! 😉 This running is difficult – hard work – let me tell you!

Day 209 – Went for a run tonight. My legs feel much better. I have been running in the evening while it is dark. I love where I live because it is so safe to do that. I can feel myself getting faster – so I am pleased about my progress.

Day 210 – Fun day today. I am really getting into my running. My Nike plus gadget is really working out well for me because it is keeping me motivated. I love seeing all of my runs represented graphically. Very cool. Ate healthily today as well, we had steamed salmon, soy beans, brocolli, broad beans and peas. Lovely 🙂 I went for two runs – one to the local co-op to buy some bread, and then a lap around the island. Cool it was 🙂 I am finding running alot easier now than last weekend. Susie said she is going to come with me tomorrow!! I am managing to do 9 minute miles at the moment. I can do much better than that.

Day 211 – On fitness – went for a session on my cross-trainer. After that I weighed in at 11stone 12lbs. My lowest yet! I was really pleased at that, because my goal is 11stone – so not far to go. I would like to be trying to maintain my weight during this challenge when I get to 11 stone.

Day 212 – Did plenty of exercise today. I did 12 minutes on the cross-trainer in the morning. And then I did around 20 minutes running. While I was running I managed a 7.2minute mile. Great pace – though I only kept it up for a short period. I intend to go running in the morning again 🙂 Weighed in at 12 stone on the dot. That is down to all of the veggies I ate yesterday.

Day 215 – I was good on my fitness goal – I went out for a run this evening – even though it was icy and cold. I went for 3 miles. I found that because I wrote down that I was going to do it, I actually really found the motivation to do it. I averaged 9 minute miles during the run which is a decent pace from my point of view. I used the gizmo that attaches my nike + dongle to my trainers and it worked really well. Excellent – I am so pleased I went for the run. I burned around 340 calories which is pretty impressive for 27 minutes! I also went on the cross trainer this morning for 15 minutes.

Day 218 – Fitness / today i went running at Trossley Country Park in Kent. Went with a friend and my partner. We had good fun and we did a 4km run at an ok pace. Weighed at 12/1 this morning.

Day 221 – I bought some more eggs and bread so that I can make my own poached eggs on toast in the morning for breakfast. Doing it myself is saving me an absolute fortune on what I used to spend in the cafe.

Day 224 – Had poached eggs on toast in the morning and also some toast with marmite. After my run I had lots of fresh fruit which was yummy. I was very healthy yesterday. I weighed in at a little less than 11stone 12lbs.

Day 225 – Made some lovely food – am experimenting with fish at the moment and making healthy meals. They seem to be doing pretty well! I weighed in at my lowest ever – 11stone and 11lbs! How cool.

Day 226 – 11 stone 11.5lbs but I am sure that is a minor blip. Did a 3km run this morning. I achieved a personal best on my pace – managing 5minute km’s on average. I am really pleased at that. My hip is hurting a little from when I fell over on the ice last week. I will make sure it is better soon and I will subject it only to gentle exercise.

Day 227 – Weighed in at 11stone 12lbs this morning. And I am sure that tomorrow I will be 11stone 10lbs. Good or what!? I am really pleased with my progress and I have been reading some of my old journal notes about how I have been doing.

Day 229 – Went on the cross-trainer twice today. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I really enjoyed it and I had missed it for the last few days. I love doing exercise.

Day 267 – So, weighed in at 11stone13lbs today. That was odd since I cycled 40 miles the previous day and somehow gained weight. Am sure that it is a temporary upward blip.  My target for the end of the week is to be at 11stone 9lbs. Feel great after cycling. Went out running with Susie, and with Nick. We managed only 1km before I twisted my ankle. It was agony – and got worse during the day. Susie looked after me really well though, so it was nice to be looked after.

Went for a run this morning. Covered 10km in around 54 minutes. Some of it was very hilly and I had a fabulous view when I reached the top of the hill in Chatham, Kent. Place called the Great Lines. I have a half marathon next weekend in Burnham Beeches and I am really looking forward to that. Weighed in this morning at 11stone 12lbs. (166 pounds). I intend to get that to 11stone 7lbs (161pounds) well before day 100. I prefer being at that weight. Over the last year or so I have dropped 70 pounds in total!!!

August 16 2009 – Went for a 4k run today. Really enjoyed it. Did it at 4minute 52second pace. Good huh! I have a half marathon coming up next weekend. Looking forward to that. Have eaten pretty healthily today. Have tried to stay away from the chocolate, and instead eat the fruit instead. I need to get back to my healthy eating and exercise everyday so that I can re-lose the 7 pounds of weight that I have put on recently.

August 18 2009 – Done quite a bit of running during these last two days. Just been for a 10km run (almost 6 miles) in 51 minutes. I have a half marathon coming up on sunday just west of london and so i am expecting to complete that in 1 hr and 58 minutes. wish me luck! I ate pretty healthily over the last couple of days. I have been cutting down chocolate and eating more fruit. I had a lovely pasta and olives/brocolli tonight. Was delicious and it went down really well after my run which I thoroughly enjoyed!! Weighed in this morning at 12stone 1lbs..

August 29 – 2009 – Weighed in at 11st 10lbs. Perfect. Getting close to my 11st 7lb target. Ate pretty healthily today. Starting with breakfast of poached eggs. Yum Yum!

October 25 – 2009 – Running – I went for a lovely run around Medway by the river in the morning. I did 10km and ran down to the water treatment plant and then did a few more bits and then back to the car. Just in time for the heavens to open! So I was very happy that I did not get soaked. I have a half marathon next weekend and I am really looking forward to that. Tomorrow I am going to the village where we are moving to – I am linking up with some runners there and I am sure it is going to be lots of fun.

October 25 2009 – I went for a run with the runners from the area where we are moving to. There were about 8 of us i think. They have all lived in the area quite a while. I think that it is a really good sign that it is the right area to move to. We went for a 11km run. Which was cool. Great lanes to run in – very little traffic and it was fun to run with other people for a change as I usually run on my own. I have a half marathon coming up next weekend and so I feel really well prepared for that. I intend to do it in 1hr 45 minutes.

October 26 2009 – Thinking about when I will go for a run. Perhaps I will go in the morning. I need to be able to build some more exercise into my lifestyle so that I can continue to lose weight and get fitter. I have a half marathon coming up very very soon – basically next weekend. Can’t wait for that.

October 28 2009 – I could not pick up my Serpentine running top. They were not going to be open til later this evening. I wanted to wear that when I do my half marathon this weekend. I can’t wait. Should be really cool. I hope to get a fabulous time for the half marathon and to have a really great time running. I ate healthily during the day and swapped out the high calories for low calories. That makes a difference and I get back to 12stone by tomorrow morning. I am sure that I will achieve that with no problems at all.

8 November 2009 – – [ ] Running

– [ ] 8.29km from Grafty Green

– [ ] Sounds like we are getting running tops printed up

– [ ] had a great time

– [ ] nice chat with the others

– [ ] weighed in at 12stone 1lb

10 November 2009 – Tonight, I was planning to go for a run in the dark. I love running at night. It is fabulous. And very relaxing and relieving of stress. It is also a great way of burning off some excess calorie consumption (i have to confess to eating a few Rocky Roads and mini yule logs today – ooops – they slipped into my mouth!). I will go in the morning. I did 50 bi-cep curls with a small weight. I want to tone up my muscles 🙂

12 November 2009 – Health and Fitness – I weighed in this morning at 12stone. Thats really good. I am well on my way to getting to 11stone 7lbs. Great isn’t it? I really enjoyed running last night in the dark. I ran just over 5km and the result was that I lost 1lb compared with the morning. Great. I will definitely do much more running – that, and eating great healthy food is clearly the way to go with weight loss. The other thing that I have been doing is toning up. My biceps are getting quite noticeable now, and that is really cool. They are bigger, and look good. I think it is due to the running that I have been doing. I have decided to do bicep curls with some small weights so that I can help their development and look great. I have started doing a few torso twists. I will add some sit-ups into the mix as well.

13 November 2009 – Weighed in this morning at 12st 1lb. I intend that I will be 11st 13lbs tomorrow morning after my run. Can’t wait to achieve it. Going for a run tomorrow around the island – and while I am out I will be picking up some parcels from the post office. A utility run I will call it.

14 November 2009 – Running – I went for a 10km run this morning. I went to pick up parcels from the post office. Backpack on my back I went for a run. I love run with a purpose 🙂 Healthy – Had some really healthy food, done my running, and also did 90 bicep curls. I am adding an extra 10 each day. My muscles are getting really quite big now, and big muscles mean more calories burned. I think it is the running that I have been doing that has had most of the impact on my biceps. Not sure why – but there you go. Weighed in at 12stone0. Great! Had some naughty chocolates, and way too much coffee today. But hell – i love these things. Oh, did I forget to mention the several glasses of cava!? Off running tomorrow. Should be cool – though probably pretty hilly i reckon!

15 November 2009 – Running – Got up really early this morning and had some porridge before I left for my run with the Greensandjoggers. We did 10.4km circular run from Egerton. Great run. Enjoyed it. And had a great chat with the others on the way. It is going to be really lovely when we move to Pluckley. I am really loving the running. I am pleased that I have got into it. Health & Fitness – I weighed in at 11st 13.5lbs. It is great that I am below 12 stone now. Really pleased about that. I did 100 bicep curls today. And I did some sit ups and some leg lifts. Excellent. Also some torso twists. I want to get really toned up. And I am determined to get closer to 11stone 7lbs by the end of the week.

16 November 2009 – Healthy – Eaten healthily today. Poached Eggs on Toast for breakfast and for lunch, a portuguese custard tart, chocolate bar, some raisins, baked potato with cottage cheese, blackberries, and blueberries, brown toast with jam. Mostly good anyway!!! 😉 Fitness – did my 110 bicep curls, and also did 20 stomach crunches. I feel great having done this. Weighed in this morning at 12stone 1lbs. A little up on yesterday. I am sure it will be back down tomorrow morning.

18 November 2009 – I am focusing now on getting a really toned body. I weighed in at 12stone 2lbs this morning. This will come down to 11stone something, very shortly. I am doing some weights to tone up my arm muscles, and also doing crunches for my stomach muscles. I will really enjoy the journey along the way to a great body. I am intending to watch out for what I am eating so that I can do everything possible to support my progress. I want to have an amazing body that I am really proud of now that I have lost so much weight. I am really happy that I have been able to keep it steady!


My knee should be improving with every minute. I hurt it a little over the weekend because I did so much running. I am giving it a rest – and the great thing that I have noticed is that after a break I do run faster and stronger!

19 November 2009 – Health and Fitness – I weighed in at 12stone 2lbs this morning. I intend to do exercise tonight. My knee is getting better all the time and so I will be able to run again very soon. I am sure that it will be fine by the weekend. I did 130 bicep curls!

22 November 2009 – I am really enjoying running. I feel so great after I have run in the morning. I am getting to be a regular sunday morning runner with the local villagers where we are moving. I feel really virtuous afterwards! We ran 10.5km. I weighed in at 12stone 2lbs. I made a lovely sunday roast chicken. I was also very good because I did not hoover up all the food I cooked. I ate only what i should eat and threw the rest away after my partner had what she wanted. I will use the leftover chicken for a couple of meals during the week.

24 November 2009 – Weighed in this morning at 12stone 4lbs. A result of eating lots of fruit yesterday. I always wonder whether eating healthily is always good for the weight. The key thing is though that it is all about getting the balance right, and quite possibly eating a whole net bag of around 10 clementines probably was not entirely consistent with eating a balanced diet. I am sure that tomorrow I will 12 stone – on the nose! I have eaten really healthily so far today.

Poached eggs on toast for breakfast (400 calories)

Poached eggs on toast for lunch (400 calories)

Portuguese custard tart (200 calories)

Bananas (x3) (300 calories)

chocolates (x3) (150 calories)

chocolate biscuit (50 calories)

clementines (x6) (250 calories)

1750 calories so far today…… (7pm)

25 November 2009 – I weighed in at 12 stone 1lb this morning. Thats really good because it is over 3.5lbs lower than yesterday. Clearly those clementines have done their work. I was really pleased that I managed to get out for a run last night. It was dark. It was wet. It was windy. You know what – I really enjoyed it! Just me battling against the elements. I also did some weights for my arms, and chest, and did stomach crunches. My biceps are getting really quite large now. Cool! What did I eat today?

Eggs and toast – x2 – breakfast and lunch

custard tart



some wafers

one small chocolate

chicken teriyaki with noodles


26 November 2009 – Went for a run – 7.2km – tonight. In the dark. Obviously. It was a little cold at first, but as soon as I got into it I loved it! Weighed in this morning at 12st 2lbs. I will be 11stone 13lbs tomorrow morning. I am sure about that.

27 November 2009 – Weighed in this morning at 12 stone 2 lbs. I will be going for a run in the morning. It will be quite a long one I think. Can’t wait. I love running and I just got my new magazine through the post today – Runners World.

29 November 2009 – Went for a run today – almost 11 miles. Good pace too. I did 10 miles in 1 hour 32 minutes. I am doing a 10 mile race next weekend. So I was pleased to have done that distance. I started off slowly and I felt by the end that I could have carried on running forever. Cooked a lovely beef roast dinner. It was yummy. I loved how the garlic pieces infused into the beef. It was so succulent. Yummy. My partner and our friend hoovered it up no probs!

30 November 2009 – What else? Well I weighed in this morning at 12stone 3lbs. Thats good. I am the same as I have been all weekend which is quite a feat because I have had an indian takeaway and a 3 course meal, and a sunday roast among other things. I am sure that the 11 mile run that I did helped to keep the weight off somewhat! Looking forward to going running with the village locals next weekend. That will be very cool. I can’t wait. It is going to be absolutely marvellous when I am actually living there and it doesn’t take long to get to the meeting place on Sunday morning. How cool is that!

2 December 2009 – I weighed in at 12stone 4lbs. My very clear goal is to get that down to 11 stone this season. Looking forward to my run this weekend. 10 miles.

3 December 2009 – I went for a really cool run. That was cool. Literally. I went for a 6,5km run this evening. In the cold. I wasn’t cold long though – I got back and I was roasting hot. I love running in the evening it is so cool. I am running at the weekend – doing a 10 miler. I am really looking forward to that.

4 December 2009 – Weighed in this morning at 12stone 2lbs. Moving in the right direction.

5 December 2009 – This is great. I have got down to 12stone. Exactly! I just wanted to post early because I had to tell someone because I was so pleased!!! 🙂

6 December 2009 – The big news for today is that I achieved a personal best 10 mile running race. It was in Margate in Kent – and the route went along the coast before doubling back. It was wet and wild on the front! Weighed in after the race at 12 stone 2lbs. I always temporarily gain weight after doing a race. Wierd but true.

8 December 2009 – In other news I weighed in at 12 stone 3lbs this morning. Which is great news since we ordered a pizza delivery last night and enjoyed some wine. That was really lovely. I am looking forward to our first meal in our new house. It is going to be so marvellous and such a happy occasion. I can barely contain myself! I did some work with weights last night. Bicep curls and also stomach crunches with the addition of weights. It is helping me tone up really nicely and I am already starting to notice the benefits of it – both in terms of my generally appearance and in terms of being able to burn off calories more quickly and effectively.

14 December 2009 – Had a pizza in the evening. A little naughty – but I am so excited I could not possibly cook anything myself. Weighed in this morning at 12stone 5lbs. This will come down very soon!

15 December 2009 – I am still trying to eat really healthily – though have been enjoying some chocolate today 🙂 Had KFC – was lovely. Like KFC. A lot. Weighed in at 12stone 4lbs this morning. Great news.

The end..! or the Beginning….

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