13 days to go: Gel testing

This weekend was a combination of parkrun on Saturday and a two hour run today. First, parkrun was 24:58 – which feels good though it is rather off my recent times (which are more like 24:15) but on the plus side, average pace is sub 8 min miles and psychologically feels like I can get through 100 miles in around 25 hours on the race that is coming up in just less than two weeks time. I have long felt there is a relationship between parkrun time and how long it takes to complete 100 miles. I am not quite as conditioned and trained as would be ideal, so am pretty sure I am going to be slower. I do have 32 hours though to complete 111 miles of the canal – so hopefully I am in with a shout of finishing. Completion is my aim, and my system will be to keep moving forward as consistently and sustainably as I can until I reach the finish line.

Sunday I went for a couple of hours run in the heat of the day while testing out gels and some active root ginger drink. Usually I wouldn’t bother taking energy or drinks for a two hour run, largely because I have never really fancied much on a shortish run like that. I found that I actually looked forward to trying gels and comparing them.

I tried a couple of Torq gels (lemon drizzle and Rhubarb & custard) – both delicious. I also tried a Hammer gel – orange flavour. It wasnt unpleasant – but it was thicker and I didnt enjoy it so much. I think I will order some more Torq gels. A variety of flavours I also tried an active root ginger drink – that was lovely – so I will probably take those sachets for the race.

My two hour run had me cover 10.5 miles – and I was getting faster during the run. My HR was a little higher than expected though – imagine that might have something to do with the heat (it didnt feel like i was working hard).

I’m into a bit of a taper for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll still be running of course.

What’s your favourite gels? what do you like about them? Which gels do you hate, if any?

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