44 days to go: Rest day

Today was my day in the office. So i typically use it as my rest day. Just too much going on. I know it ought to be possible to squeeze in some running. Maybe another time. Sometimes life needs alot of organisation doesn’t it?

As you know I have been cracking on with 2.5 mile run every day. I might not have run 2.5 miles today (because london…) but I certainly walked that and more.

Taking the opportunity to go to the pub afterwards – just one pint – to catch up with colleagues. Back on it tomorrow – because I’m working at home.

And a reminder to GET MORE SLEEP (I overslept this morning and barely made it for the train – well, it would have been close had it not been delayed!)

Do you have a fixed rest day each week? What else do you do on your rest day?

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com


  1. I love my Monday rest day and look forward to it now. The most I do on a Monday is a walk. It’s a good time to arrange things like office days for me too 🙂

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