Ten best things about pluckley

The ten greatest things about living in Pluckley, in the heart of kent … are:

1) The Dering Arms – my fiancee and I went there last night for a 7 course black tie gourmet meal. It was marvellous. The greatest place! The food was amazing and the surroundings are fab. Even better, we bump into new friends there all the time, and it is only 30 seconds walk home.

2) The local shops – We love it there at the pluckley farm shop. We enjoy popping in – talking to the owner, and that there is a really good selection there. Rabbit, venison, groceries, and cheeses 😉 yum yum… oh and beer and wine. The village shop is great too – it has EVERYTHING! and the Butchers in the village is really lovely. Bacon which keeps its size, sausages that are lean, and any cut of beef you could want.

3) Log fire – we have a word burning stove. It is lovely being able to light it and sit back and relax. There is no restrictions about smokeless fuel – so this is perfect!

4) Peaceful – it is so lovely and quiet in the countryside. It feels secluded – but still connected!

5) Train station – we have a mainline station to ashford and beyond, and also central london. Happy days!

6) Local honey – we have a neighbour who makes and sells his honey. It is the best honey on the planet. Try some!

7) Neighbours – we see some of our neighbours every day. That makes it really really nice to be here.

8) Walking – there are so many good walks to do – all of which are picturesque. Love it!

9) Running – I go running with the local villagers near by. Its great to get out on a sunday morning.

10) Local bloggers – I enjoy keeping up to date with a local concentration of bloggers.

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