Back to running

I was sat at home most of the week. Recovering. I’m not sure what I was recovering from. A savage cold that was ravaging my body and mind…. or the ultra that I did the previous weekend.

The week did teach me a number of things.

1) My system of recovery does seem to work – a) read about races, b) buy kit, c) enter races.

2) I really know why I run….

So – I have been reading various blogs and I am currently reading “Everything will work out in the Long Run – Dave Urwin”. I have also bought a new running pack (Kalenji – as a runcommute backpack as I love mine so much). I have also got close to entering races… I have started listing them out and planning which I will do. There are alot, and I am already wondering at the wisdom of doing North Downs Way 50 in May and then South Downs Way 100 in June. Why not…

I was able to run again this Sunday morning. A whole week after my ultra 50 miles ended. I ran with my local running club – Egerton Running Club. We did 10 miles. It felt amazing! It rained. A little. I enjoyed it. Alot.

This afternoon I have been buying more running kit. I have already received replacement batteries (Energizer Ultimate Lithium). I have bought a new running bum bag (from Trespass), and I have three sets of More Mile Cheviot (for trail running) and two sets of More Mile Oslo running shoes for tarmac.

A great weekend – and I’m already looking forward to my next Ultra.

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