#runthecoast t-17: Wow – almost there

Edited in Lumia Selfie

Fundraising for #runthecoast is going well and we are now at £640 with giftaid. So that’s brilliant. Everyone has been so generous. We are running the next section of UK coast between 1-4 April from Hythe to Bournemouth.

We also had news that we have our very own crew and vehicle to bring us cake and tea at various points. And the best thing about it is that NotarunnerGirl will be able to join us for some running on some of the days.

I am popping in to see our RNLI fundraising contact later this week. We have been keeping them up to date with how things are going and what the plans are for the four days.

I did a lovely 4 miler this morning along the river, a sneeky 5 miler at lunchtime, and a 4 mile runcommute. So around 13 miles in total for the day. Not bad!

I am putting together all of the details about each of the days so that we have all the information that we will need – and our supporters might want – so that they know where we are and how they can meet up.

Please support us by using the hashtag #runthecoast when you send us messages on twitter @donealready – and if you are able to donate some pennies at http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW

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