#runthecoast countdown t-18: Fastish running

Unusually for me, I ran to work this morning. I usually don’t run on a Monday morning because I usually do quite a long run at the weekend. But, as you’ll see from t-20 and t-19 I didn’t run much – only a leisurely 8 miler, but I did cycle around 50 miles on t-20.

I had a play with the Sony Smart B-trainer that I have been given to test out. Amazingly, the GPS track that it records is pretty similar to my Garmin Fenix 3 plus it plays music at me to help me pace myself. It does this quite cool thing of monitoring pace, and then playing music at an appropriate beat-per-minute to speed you up or slow you down.

This morning I was feeling unusually athletic, and rather than run at the 8:40/mile pace that I had dialled into the B-trainer, I overrode it and ignored the rapidly slowing musak that it was playing at me…. I was almost on lullaby music because I was running sub 8 / mile for quite some time. I actually ended up running it at double the cadence that it was encouraging me to run.


I had a similar type of run on the way back to the station after work. Quicker than normal, but annoying ended up listening to the same music because the b-trainer said that it couldn’t find anything suitably slow.


This evening, I managed to throw more music onto it – so we will see what happens tomorrow.

In #runthecoast news I have started to put together the itinerary for the whole 4 days. B&Bs/hostels etc with all the addresses and a bit of a running order.



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