Day 27-28: A runner takes a trip and recovers! 20.4 miles and 191.5 total.

Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 21.21.44

Over the last two days I’ve cracked through 20 miles. I’ve been gradually increasing my daily mileage, and I admit, the excitement of reaching the next place on my run is quite compelling. I’ve run through some gorgeous little French towns – including Senlis – North East of Paris.

I’d like to apologise firstly to the rather scared French lady who was greeted by an arm waving, windmilling, runner trying to style out a trip on the pavement. It must have been a sight as I careened towards her. I did recover. I apologised. I’m British. We say sorry all the time.

Anyhooo…. I’ve been loving my new Nike Flex running shoes. I didn’t wear them yesterday as I know from past experience that when switching shoes you have got to it gently. All shoes are slightly different. In terms of weight, pressure points, and how they ride. Its a mistake to launch straight in with mega mileage. Anyway, I ran in them today and loved them instantly. I’m so pleased that they are working for me – particularly since I have 6 pairs of them!

Today was pretty wet. Yesterday by contrast felt like a lovely spring day.

I had the most delicious steak sandwich today. With horseradish. Who knew they did that in France? In terms of food I have been eating more fruit and steering clear of junk. Runners junk. I am doing it in a bit to shed a few pounds before I do the Kent Coastal challenge. The less weight I am carrying the easier it will be.

I’m looking forward to the Kent Coastal Challenge which is coming up in around 6 weeks time. That’s 210 miles. I imagine it is going to hurt a bit so my mileage might drop back a bit afterwards.

So where have I run over these last two days?

Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 21.17.05

How was your running today?


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