Day 29 – 30: Reached 209.9 miles – How many miles have you run?

It is coming to the end of the month. I’m really pleased with the miles that I have covered this year so far. We are barely at the end of January and I have already knocked out just shy of 210 miles.

Why is that such a draw? Well, in March 13-16  I will be running 210 miles. Yes folks…. that is a double marathon a day for 4 days. Amazing huh. Why? Well quite simply because me and my friends are very stupid ultrarunners….. and we are doing it for a very good cause. You can donate to this great endeavour by hitting this link here —->

Want to read more about it? Check out my blog posts here —-> and our facebook page here—->

Where have I been over the last few days? Well… I have covered 18.4 miles over the last two days and run through some super places in France. I’m heading over to Mons, Belgium next… I should reach there in a couple of weeks time.

I ran through Venette, France. It’s not the biggest of towns… but is very pretty.

Screenshot 2015-01-30 at 21.06.37

and the last town I went through – a lovely chateau at Choisy le bac.

Screenshot 2015-01-30 at 21.05.55

This is where I have run…

Screenshot 2015-01-30 at 21.05.02

How many miles have you run over this year so far? Have you bought any new kit? What shoes are you running in? Any races coming up?

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