Day 25 – nr St Denis, Paris – 8.6 miles today – 165.1 miles complete

I have been exploring Strava and checking out some analysis of my pace. I ran quite hard towards the end – that was great. I’ve dropped in a couple of screenshots so you can see the kind of charts you can see on Strava. Screenshot 2015-01-25 at 11.33.25

Looks like quite a chunk at “Endurance” pace – which is where I want to be. I guess I’m not surprised at the amount of “active recovery” pace, because I wasn’t really pushing it today.

I’ve been using AeroTrackerPro with my Pebble smartwatch, and my Moto G (2014) phone. Works a treat because it uploads to Strava and Runkeeper automatically. Sweet.

Screenshot 2015-01-25 at 11.33.02

I love charts.

Screenshot 2015-01-25 at 11.31.46

I’ve reached the suburbs of Paris again. I visited the centre yesterday. I’m heading north east now to reach Mons in Belgium – just over the border. From Mons, to Brussels, and then Berlin, Minsk, Moscow by the end of the year.

Screenshot 2015-01-25 at 11.31.04

Where have you been running today? What do you use for tracking your runs? What is your running goal this year? Tell me below

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