Ode to Brighton Marathon….. my first


The gel packs. The charities.

The shapes and sizes.

The watches and the splits.

The charity cheerers.

The time pens. The time liars.

The pacers. The fancy dress.

The posers. The prowess.

The slow coaches at the start.

The delusional. Yeah it’s the first.

Time I’ve raced.

Yeah never done a 10k before.

Marathon before I’m forty.

How hard can it be.

Mental determination you see.

People walking at 16.

Mile marker.

The wall. Thanks for the reminder.

The jelly babies.

The excitement from others.

People with magic powers.

Special high fives.

The music

The razzmatazz.

The help. The support.

The camaraderie.

The lack of tears.

The walk.

The final sprint.

I’ve finished.

No emotion. Just a job done.

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