The Importance of Recovery.. or How I Bonked at 30 miles…

I had just done a 71 miler in Sevenoaks. The following weekend I was doing a 32 miler fat ass style run with friends. This started in maidstone. It took in part of the north downs way (some quite hilly bits too).

We went through Leeds Castle stopping for a coke. The run was great fun. We ran into one of the maidstone harriers are her family and dogs in one of the woods near Sutton valence.

The day was really hot and I felt that I was struggling at points. I also rued my decision to take only sesame snaps and Rice Krispie squares with me.

I was starving by the time we stopped at 26 miles. Still with 6 miles to go it didn’t help one bit to know that we would be going down hill and then flat along the river Medway to our finish. I found myself detached from the group.

Happy to let them run ahead. Feeling incredibly dejected I stopped and picked blackberries from bushes lining the Medway. It was a slog. A hard slog. I realised that I had expended all my reserves the weekend before and I had not had the opportunity to rebuild them.

I finally got to the end. The Society Rooms pub in the centre of maidstone. For the last half mile I had craved a shandy and ready salted crisps. I

was immediately presented with a lion bar from Susie. She had bought a large pack for everyone to share. It tasted so good. The less on here – recovery is important and don’t expect to crank out an ultra week in and week out.

Recovery is important….. don’t neglect it.

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