Stuff that I currently use – Summer 2017 #kit #running

As I do more races I accumulate more stuff. Partly because I am always experimenting with new gear and while training is the most important thing for performance, sometimes kit and gear can make your time out on the trails a little more comfortable.

This is what I am currently using. What’s your favourite stuff?


Clothes and shoes

  • Cap – Serpentine Running club or Rockstar Sports.
  • Buffs – variety of them – Headwarmer, sweat wiper, emergency sock!
  • Waterproof Jacket – Decathlon Kalenji Trail running Waterproof Jacket.
  • T-shirt – Kalenji Performance trail running t-shirt – thin and comfortable
  • Long sleeve baselayer – Kalenji Techwool long sleeve top (merino type)
  • Shorts – More Mile 5 inch baggy shorts
  • Compression shorts – Kalenji compression shorts
  • Calf Guards – Compressport – I like to have calfs covered. Easier than long socks.
  • Socks – Steigen – thin, long lasting. No blisters
  • Gaiters – Dirty Girl Gaiters to keep stones out of my shoes.
  • Shoes – Pearl Izumi N3 Road and N2 trail shoes – comfy and wide fitting. Perfect.

Backpack and hydration

  • Pack Ultimate Direction SJ3.0 – 8 litres. Perfect capacity so I don’t take too much.
  • Bottles – Ultimate Direction Flexibottles or Aonijie soft flasks.
  • Hydrapak flexi-cup – for cupless races or just for coffee. If you stick with one that is quite flimsy it will encourage you to not mess around at aid stations
  • Dry bags – Lomo transparent so I can see inside and you can keep a change of clothes dry in your pack


  • Main headtorch – Petzl NAO+ headtorch plus spare battery – best headtorch ever.
  • Backup torch – Silva Trailrunner 2 as backup (sure you can use Petzl E-lite – but you will be walking!) or Lenser SE07, or Petzl Reactik+.


  • Watch – Garmin Fenix 5X and charging cable – maps on my wrist plus a GPS watch!
  • Backup watch – Epson SF-310 GPS – cheap watch. Accurate GPS. 30 hour battery.
  • Tracker – Iphone 4s with racedrone – everyone can see where I am – e.g. crew.
  • Mobile phone – Nokia mobile phone – real buttons. Battery lasts forever.
  • Portable battery charger for watch – anything will do!
  • Spare batteries – AA, AAA – lithium ones last longer.


  • Nav – Garmin GPS64S Handheld – I might get lost / need to do heavy navigation
  • Maps – usually Harveys that shows whole trails cut up onto one map.
  • Compass – Silva

Emergency kit

  • Toilet paper in clingfilm – just in case a poop is needed
  • Imodium – for any impending poop disasters
  • Paracetamol – don’t do ibuprofen – dangerous!
  • Foil blanket – lightweight and usually on a kit list.
  • Tape – anything – I’m using stuff from Lidl at the moment
  • Paracord – all kinds of emergencies – e.g. lace replacement, fix backpack fastening
  • Cash – never know when you need a lolly ice J
  • Body Glide – silicon stuff that reduces friction on your body / feet


  • Poles – Black Diamond Z sticks or cheaper are Aonijie sticks (4 piece)




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