t-3 #runthecoast Food and Calories!!!!!

I woke this morning and it felt like christmas eve. The promise of amazing stuff to come, but still what seems like an age to get through before the unwrapping can begin.

But I have three days to go before I run the coast between Hythe (Kent) and Bournemouth (Dorset). How will I cope with 3 more sleeps before the big run?

Today was fairly busy at work and I was feeling productive after 4 days off. So cracked on with it all. Soon it was well gone 5pm and off I popped home.

I decided that I would take it easy this week. So no back to back run commuting heroics this week (like the 22+ miles that I knocked off last wednesday). So my plan is no running Tuesday, Run to work and run to www.Serpentine.org.uk running club – total 10-11 miles. Thursday no running, and I will be taking it easy ahead of our coastal run.

So, when I am not running I am mostly thinking about food and wine. As we have a 210 mile run coming up, that means that we will burn off lots of calories. Since it is approx 100 calories for 1 mile, then that means well over 20,000 calories that we need to consume just to replace what we burn through running. Then there is the 2,500 calories we need just to live….. so all in all 30,000 calories.

Apart from eating the usual rubbish that I do while running, there are other alternative ways of consuming 30,000 calories….

Here are some options:

  • 5,000 servings of pickled onions
  • 337 Bananas
  • 130 Mars bars
  • 120 Pints of beer
  • 53 Big Macs

I love pickled onions. No I am not pregnant And I think I would probably (running aside) divide between beer, pickled onions, and mars bars. What would you choose?

Carrying on with the food theme, we have already decided that we will have a pasta and pizza party the night before.

There are five of us runners and we will have some super sized takeaway pizzas and some pasta, beer and wine the night before (Thursday) and then have bacon and egg rolls in the morning for breakfast before we set off. Marek’s wife is planning to make a cake for us – which is super welcome!! We like cake.

We already have some food and refreshments for the run itself. And we are really looking forward to cake!!

I was actually wondering whether there was one of those cafes in either Bournemouth, Littlehampton, Southampton or Bournemouth – open in the evening and which offer an “Eat this bin lid of english breakfast and have it for free and win £100”. No luck so far…..

But now… I am stuffing some biscuits!

You’ll be able to follow us on live track GPS by checking out http://www.racedrone.net/event/run-the-coast-200

support us on twitter using #runthecoast @donealready

share this blog – http://www.untrainingultrarunner.com/tag/coast

donate some pennies through http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW – we are supporting the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (seems appropriate as we are running around the coast, and they save so many lives… and don’t get any taxpayer funds).

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