T-47 For the love of bacon and biccies. Running the Coast

One of the reasons that I run is the overwhelming need to stuff my face with bacon butties. The only thing that improves a bacon butties is Brown sauce, or avocado (which I credit my friends Zbysia for introducing me to).

It is only 47 days before the next part of our running adventure around the UK coast. We have 210 miles to run between 1-4 April and I can tell you that we will eat lots of biscuits on the way. We will be picking up the route in Hythe, and running through Eastbourne, Littlehampton, Portsmouth and a lap of the Isle of Wight.

I am doing a race tomorrow. It is the running equivalent of an all you can eat buffet. As many 5.25mile laps as you can do in 6 hours out of the Cyclopark in Gravesend Kent. As you’ll recognise, it is Valentines day. I am lucky that my wife – Susie has started to run, and she is getting on brilliantly AND getting involved in running tomorrow too.

While I have been looking around on twitter, I stumbled across some other adventurers. There is @ElisecDowning, who is running the 5,000 miles of the UK coast and is currently in wales having started in London in November. Similarly, @mrwaynerussell is also running the coast, and @timMcKenna5 is cycling the coast starting in June. Check them out on twitter and if you are in the area they are then give them a hi five.

So, you might wonder about what we eat on these little jaunts? Well, the short answer is everything. Mostly “real” food…. sandwiches, sausage rolls, chocolate, crisps, tea, coke (flat) and cake and biscuits. Yum yum. Often like to finish off with naughty things like fish and chips or KFC. No wonder that I have to run so many miles a year just to keep my weight stable!

Off now to check out ferry times and work out how on earth we will make sure we get there on time and where we will stay on the Isle of Wight on 3 April.

If you enjoyed this post then please will you share it with others (or even thought it was a bit crap!), and please support this challenge in raising money for Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) by donating a few pennies (yes everything helps and we would be super grateful) at http://www.justgiving.com/hythetoIOW

Picture from a race I did around Sevensisters/Eastbourne.


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