Day 21: In the suburbs of Paris – 143.1 miles complete so far

Lovely run today. I did a really good mix of pace. Finished off with a super 8:43 minute/mile pace for 6 miles. 12.3 miles complete today which saw me half the distance left before I reach Paris.

I can’t wait to reach one of the rivers that run through Paris and see the beauty of the city. I have just 12.9 miles to complete before I reach the city centre. After Paris, my destination is Berlin. I will let you know the route once I have honed my plans.

The more mileage I do, the more my legs are loosening up. The more mileage I do, the more my legs want to run. Loving it.

How was your running today?

Screenshot 2015-01-21 at 22.12.27

Screenshot 2015-01-21 at 22.10.37

(Remember – this is just a bit of fun…. I am running these miles, but not where I say. I am running this as a virtual route. I complete the miles in London and in Kent – and superimpose onto a  route and distance that represents my target mileage for the year).

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