Kent Coastal Challenge – getting excited!

Really excited about the epic run that me and some friends from Maidstone Harriers are doing in March.

We are running the whole length of the Kent Coast. In 4 days. So basically, we are racking up two marathons every single day from 13-16 March.

We have planned and plotted the route. We have chopped it into four stages. W have met with the charity founder of Emilies charities. And we are planning some fundraising events too.

I have never run 52 miles a day for four consecutive days. I have done 71 miles in one go last year. I’ve run 50 miles in muddy conditions overnight in the peak district. So this really is a voyage into the unknown.

I will be doing it with some good running buddies and I’m sure will help each other lots over those four days.

We need to start planning things like changes of clothes, where we can stay, where we will eat, what we need to carry with us, points where we can get support from family and friends, and also how we will record our challenge. We would love to get some video and photographs along the way.

This challenge really is pretty epic. We don’t know of anyone else who has done such a thing!

Are we crazy? Are we mad? Are we foolish? Yes. Possibly!!!!

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